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Kae Sutherland is the founder and owner of the website 4EVER WITH EVERYONE, where it all started for her. The website is all about her jewelry line, and people wanted to know more about the girl behind the jewelry. INfleur is introducing the upcoming Dutch influencer!


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“During the process of creating this brand I started posting photos on my Instagram.”

As a young girl, Kae Sutherland took pictures of everything and posted them online. People started liking her pictures and following her around the time she created her brand 4EVER WITH EVERYONE. She created a Facebook page and an Instagram account, because it was an easy way of showing people what she was selling. Maintaining the social media accounts made her realize she wanted to show people the girl behind the brand.

“Before I knew it I had more followers on my private account than my business account. Over the past few years, my followers have increased and brands started to reach out to me for collaborations.” She really enjoys being an influencer, but she loves maintaining her jewelry brand even more.

As a little girl Kae was often looking for something different, as she was bored of new activities after a week only. However, working as an actress or a photographer had always piqued her interest. In some way, one of her interest actually became her job: photography. “I photograph the product photos and social media pictures for 4EVER WITH EVERYONE.” She has always known she wanted her own brand, and this dream also came true.


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Kae Sutherland says people want to know the girl behind the brand, so people should know what an average day would look like for her. On a normal day she would get up early and grab a cup of coffee and a croissant on her way to her office on her scooter. It’s located in the centre of Amsterdam, and she spends the day there. “We just moved to a bigger office, and I have to say that we have the most adorable office in Amsterdam. I am in love with the place.” During the day she keeps herself busy by contacting clients and creating new designs. After work she usually meets up with friends or her boyfriend, and they go out for dinner. She ends her day on the couch, watching series and answering some last emails. You can already notice Kae loves Amsterdam, and when asked what the title of her autobiography would be she gave us a great answer. “I have been thinking about this question for the past 20 minutes and I have no idea. If you write an entire book about yourself, it is near to impossible to come up with one word or line that summarizes the whole book. If I had to, my autobiography would be called ‘An Amsterdam girl’.”


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When asked what a perfect day would look like for her she says, “A perfect day is spent in Amsterdam, if you ask me.” She finds Amsterdam has everything to offer, not only shops and restaurants but also the atmosphere is just right. A perfect sunny Sunday with her friends and boyfriend, spent in the city on a terrace with lots of food.

She started her journey on Instagram as a coincidence. It was never her intention to become a blogger or influencer, it just happened: “If someone told me 5 years ago, when I started my jewelry brand, that brands would want to collaborate with me, I would not have believed them.”

Kae Sutherland gets her inspiration from different sources. Other Instagrammers are her number one inspiration She sees other people’s pictures and clothes, which inspire her to do something her own way. She has a unique style and by combining different items she creates a new outfit. “Traveling also gives me inspiration, being in different cities and seeing different things.”

When asked how she would inspire others, her answer was simple: “Always chase your dreams! If you dream of starting your own business or want to travel the world, do it! Start making actual plans and make your dreams come true.” Some of her biggest dreams have already come true, but she is only 23 and has many left to fulfill. “Thankfully I have so many years to make my dreams come true and create new ones.” She gets her own inspiration from her followers, which she says are very sweet. If she had to describe them in one word she would say inspiring. They inspire her in every way possible.

Her favorite social media platform is, of course, Instagram. You can create your own feed and that is what she loves about it. It’s like your own story; she finds no Instagram page is the same.

Kae Sutherland has made many friends thanks to Instagram and she enjoys so many Instagram feeds. When asked which she enjoys most, she mentioned Queen Of Jetlags, Vivian Hoorn and Claartjerose. When they are traveling she enjoys seeing what they do and the gorgeous photo’s they take.

Kae is always working on something,; one of her biggest projects at the moment is the winter collection for 4EVER WITH EVERYONE.

“There are lots of exciting thing coming up!”

Fav corner in our new office🐒✨ #happykid

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Every day is a fun day for Kae Sutherland, everyday is a fresh start and she always makes the most of it. Laughing is always a big part of the day. If you want to see more of all the fun Kae is having you can follow her Instagram. Also, check out her website,  where she has an amazing jewelry collection.

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