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INfleur Blog-Check with Hannah! 
Each week, INfleur presents the hottest bloggers out there! Today, we introduce you to Hannah, known as @namastehannah on Instagram.

Berlin-based design student, Hannah, posts the most delightful photos of her art/designs, food, leisure, fashion sense and more on Instagram.
She loves coffee, yoga, Harry Potter and meditation. She has a blog, also called namastehannah, where she writes mainly on food, her travels and her thoughts.

Let’s get to know Hannah a bit more through #12Q12A! 

1. Growing up, what did you want to be?

Hannah: When i was really little I wanted to become a farmer. I have never had pets in my life, so i think i would have become totally useless with all the animals. 

2.What are some of your best qualities?

Hannah: I am thankful about my positive attitude and organizational talent. I really love to plan and organize and structure my life. I create ToDo-Lists for literally anything. It just feels so good to tick tasks of your list. Also, I’d like to think of me as being a quite empathetic person. I feel it when someone isn’t well and can relate on a deeper level.

3. Which city is your favorite in the world?

Hannah: I can’t pinpoint one city. It always depends on the people you are with. Melbourne has a really special magic about it, I had a wonderful time living in London, but right now my heart is in Berlin – the city that i am currently living in. Berlin is such a colorful mix out of different cultures. You will find some corners with crazy graffiti and dirty bins flying around, as well as really posh neighborhoods with rosebushes at the front doors. 

4. Stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you.

Hannah: I could never be totally alone. I need my space, but I also get lonely pretty quickly. If I had to, i would take my phone to at least talk to someone else. Then I’d bring a record player with a tons of records – cause music is key. Last but not least a giant pizza to keep my tummy happy.

5. Who/What influenced your choice of blog?

Hannah: On my blog, I write about traveling, food and health. I have always loved writing and photography. So it just came natural to me to create a blog to display my passions. The positive feedback from my lovely community shaped the content a little bit more into opening up about myself and telling my personal stories. So I’d say it was my community really, who influenced it. I love drawing inspiration from my followers to inspire them in return. 

6. Most memorable experience as a blogger?

Hannah: Probably the first time someone recognised me on the street. It’s so cool to see my community grow online, but the coolest thing is to actually get to know the souls behind the screen. When people come up to me and I get to meet them in person, it is always such a special moment. It makes me realise how blessed I am and how happy that so many are interested in my story.

7. Tell us about one favorite childhood memory.

Hannah: There are so many beautiful memories. I had a wonderful childhood. Probably Christmas at my grandmas house when I was small. My granddad would ring a bell (which was the sign we were allowed into the living room) and somehow I always just missed the “Christkind” (that’s the one who brings all the presents in Germany). All of the family united, the smell of freshly backed cookies and the festive vibes made that time so special.

8. We see you are a student. How do you juggle school work and blogging?

Hannah: Yes, I study design. Art school is super different to other universities. You won’t find actual exam periods, because we don’t really have exams at all. We create little projects throughout the year which lead up to one big final project at the end of the semester. It’s really up to you how much time and effort you put into each course and how you organise your time. Because I am quite good with time-management, it mostly works out just fine.

I even tried mixing the two a little by creating a second Instagram (@namastehannahcreative) for my artwork only.

I am my own valentine. ?

A post shared by Illustration & Photography (@namastehannahcreative) on

9. Have you ever been star-struck? Who did you or would love to meet?

Hannah: No, I have never really met someone famous sadly. There are so many amazing, inspiring celebs out there. One of my all time girl crushes is Emma Watson. Not only that she is a brilliant actress, but also the work she does with her “heforshe-campaigns” and using her voice to make a change… I love that! 

10. Tell us one interesting thing your followers don’t know about you.

Hannah: I am, actually, a little grandma. I love hot tea, knitting, cozy fireplaces and staying at home. Being 21 and living in the massive party scene of Berlin, that might be a little odd. But I really enjoy a cozy night in with a good board game and a hot chocolate.

11. How has social media affected you negatively in your blogging career?

Hannah: It never really has. I mean there is the comparison-factor that I struggle with a lot. But I think you also have that in real life on the street. I really enjoy taking pictures and interacting with my super positive community, so I can’t really pin point any negative factors so far. 

12. What is your top goal for the year?

Hannah: I have 3 goals for this year: Get healthier, work harder and travel more. 

Get healthier, work harder and travel more. 

Amanda Lucy


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