12 Questions, 12 Answers with American Influencer, Taylr Anne

INfleur presents a very special edition of #12Questions12Answers. Today, we introduce Taylr Anne, a fast-rising Lifestyle Influencer. Based in California, Taylr’s unique style is evident in her blogs about fashion. But this is no surprise as Taylr has a firm background in Fine Art. Plus she has collaborated with top fashion brands, including co-designing a collection with Otiumberg. She also writes about everything ranging from travel to food, music and art. Let’s get to know the less formal side of Taylr in this fun interview…

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Tell us briefly about yourself, your interests, hobbies and about your blog.

Taylr: “Hi! My name is Taylr Anne, I run my blog at www.taylranne.com and @taylranne on Instagram”.
I love to get inspired when I’m not working. It’s one of my favorite pastimes, which includes traveling, drinking coffee, reading, exploring new places in my city and learning new things. I also love to cook healthy meals and be active. I just purchased my first home by the coast so if I’m not at the beach with my dog, I enjoy hosting friends and spending time with those I love. Creating a space that feels like home has been my latest endeavor. My blog is a glimpse into my everyday life, with fashion and beauty at the forefront.

What are some of your best qualities?

Taylr: Best qualities, well.. I hope people find me passionate and kind. 🙂

A representation of my feelings lately. ???

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If you had the chance to be anywhere in the world, where would you be and what would you be doing?

Taylr: I would be by the Mediterranean sea, either reading a classic novel or on the back of a Vespa with a lover.

Brief us on one life changing experience you have had.

Taylr: “Almost losing someone I love”. Be thankful everyday for your health; a healthy body and mind is everything.

How expensive is it to be a blogger/influencer? Would you encourage anyone to go into blogging?

Taylr: I think any job is relative. I travel for my job, but I expense my travels. I am fortunate to receive wonderful gifts from brands and feel very lucky to do what I do”.
Blogging is an entrepreneurial job. You run your own business and you work a lot, but if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

You’ve got mail. @celine ✉

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Share with us your worst/ most challenging experience over your career.

Taylr: “I think the most challenging thing with my career, is knowing when to stop working”. With blogging you can always be working, planning ahead, always capturing the moment. Finding balance is so important and crucial for happiness. Another challenge is not comparing your life or successes with those around you. Comparison is the biggest thief of happiness. You are always right where you need to be; everyone is on their own journey.

Fun Interview with American blogger, Taylr Anne
Must watch movie?

Taylr: Any of the old James Bond films.

Biggest celebrity crush?

Taylr: Young James Stewart, or Kevin Love.

James Stewart, an American actor, in his younger days. Source: Totallywould
In your own view, what impact do you think blogging has on a regular individual?

Taylr: “Social media and blogging is the new wave of advertising. With a digital-now generation, people scroll through their phones to feel inspired, for shopping and communicating. I think bloggers, as real people, can connect with individuals on a broader, yet more intimate scale than a magazine ad could”.

“Blogging is an entrepreneurial job. You run your own business and you work a lot, but if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.

Name one influencer within your space that inspires you.

Taylr: The list is so long! I am inspired by my entire community, but Jeanne Damas inspires me in both work and life. She has such a beautiful eye.

Your most memorable travel experience and why?

Taylr: “Traveling to Paris with my best friend. There is something about experiencing a city like that with such a close friend”. The memories you make… you talk about them for years.

My girls. ??‍♀️? #nyfw

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What three things can you absolutely not live without?

Taylr: My phone, coffee in the morning and my dog.

“Comparison is the biggest thief of happiness. You are always right where you need to be; everyone is on their own journey”.

Taylr Anne, 2018

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