24 year old, Jennifer Hurtado, travels the world ALONE on $32k annual salary!

Young and restless, Jennifer Hurtado, tells her story on how she loves to travel alone while living on an annual salary of $32,000.

Now we are trying to figure out which part is incredible- travelling alone or doing it on such a low budget. Nonetheless, Jennifer makes it seem so easy. At 24, she has already been to 14 countries, all on her own! But you might be wondering, how exactly did she do this? In a narrative with Forbes, Jennifer tells it all.

Well it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for Jennifer. When she was 19, she had what she describes a nightmare experience“, after her old friend from New Mexico practically ditched her while in Europe. Jennifer had never been to Europe so when her old ‘friend’, enlisted her to tour Europe with him, she agreed. The plan was fun-packed! Germany to Italy to The Netherlands and then Ireland! But midway in, everything went left.
Her friend decided he didn’t want to tour anymore. They had to sleep in a park in Amsterdam because of him. On top of that, he abandoned her when she left her passport at a hotel; and never paid back what she loaned him for the trips.

“if I am going to be stranded, I want to be stranded by myself”

Jennifer Hurtado works as a veterinary technician in Dallas

That was when Jennifer said to herself, “if I am going to be stranded, I want to be stranded by myself”. So on her own, Jenny found a way to balance her work with her travels. As a veterinary technician, she barely has time to go on holiday. As a result, she makes use of her weekends a lot! She’d drive as long as 20 hours from Dallas, her home, if it’d get her where she desires. Jennifer loves to visit the countryside, mountains, beaches…you name it!  She lists the ‘Great Smoky Mountains’ and the ‘Ozark National Forest in Arkansas’, as some of her favorite adventures alone.

Finally, to the big secret- how Jennifer does it with so little time and just sufficient money.

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The not-so-big secret is to plan. That’s just what Jenny did to make it this far. “I live in Texas and I hate Texas… And then I started saying, ‘ok this place is this many hours, I can go there and get there at this time and then have two days and drive back.'” 
Jenny made the perfect plan- to get away at least twice each month. Plus she lives on a tight budget; so she’d prefer to drive, especially at night. Her travel bag had only a few things: her hammock, a flashlight, baby wipes, a rain jacket and a lighter.

“I want to get deeply immersed in nature. I want to go into unknown”

Jennifer keeps her expenses low whenever she travels

As part of sticking to the budget, Jennifer would always rather camp than stay in a hotel. “I try to never stay in a hotel”, she says. Although she travels alone, she finds that when she uses a tent other vacationers don’t necessarily know she is a solo female traveler. She is also known to bring her hammock and venture into parks. However, she does spend a lot on car rentals whenever she travels internationally. In a trip to Norway, a rental car cost her $700, way more costly than her flight!
But Jenny really doesn’t mind spending that much on a car. She believes it gives her the freedom to explore nature and the wilderness. “I can’t stay in one place. I want to see as much of the country as possible. I’m carrying my backpacking gear: I bring food, water. I don’t want to be on someone else’s time clock…I want to get deeply immersed in nature and go into the unknown”, she shared.

She gives some tips on being a female travelling solo

Travelling alone, as a female, should not be hard if you follow these few tips Jennifer applies. Firstly, she makes sure to get a local SIM card, and stays connected to the internet wherever she goes. This helps her with navigation while she journeys through a foreign land on her own.
Secondly, Jenny advises to never tell a stranger where you’re going. Keep the discourse friendly but put on a tough look when necessary.
Thirdly, she strongly listens to her instincts. When something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, period! Seems to to work for her perfectly.

“I’m not scared of animals, that’s what I want to do with my life”.

Leaving a final tip, Jennifer Hurtado shares how she always searches the internet for cheaper travel deals. They help a lot in cutting down costs. One time, she found a deal to Iceland on Groupon for $700, which included her flight and 5 nights of hotel stay! The flight from Dallas would have otherwise cost her $1,800!

In conclusion, Hurtado says, “I’m never going to give up traveling aloe. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world. When I’m by myself I’m fully me. I don’t worry about this other person… I do everything at my leisure and everything at my volition”.

“I’ve never felt more empowered than when I’m traveling alone”

Jennifer Hurtado, 2018
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