26 year old, Lissette, goes flat broke after trying to be Insta-Famous!

Don’t believe everything you read on the net! Well except this. Not everything we see glitter is gold. And this is enough proof!
Our damsel in distress is 26 year old, Lissette Calveiro. Lis is now crying out to the general public to be careful of what they see on the internet, especially on Instagram. “I wanted to tell my story about this young millennial living in New York,” Lissette, who has more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, told The New York Post. The “insta star” even plunged into a deep debt of over $10,000, for trying so hard to impress her followers!


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This life truly isn’t for everyone. Today, Lissette laments bitterly as she recalls everything she had to do just to make it ‘big’ on Insta. 
The main reason Lis moved from Miami to New York, was for an internship, which paid an allowance only for transportation. But one way or another, she got sucked into the life of glamour and fame. So much so that she spent all of her savings and even what she didn’t have!

“I was living above my means”

“I was shopping . . . for clothes to take ‘the perfect’ gram”, Lissette explained. She would frequently splurge on brunches with friends and expensive clothes so that she could post “perfect” photos. Due to her inability to fully fund this lifestyle, Lis had to get an extra job; a part-time retail job. Yet that didn’t save the rising Insta star!

In 2013, Lis moved back home to Miami after she secured a new job as a publicist . But this only fueled her desires to be ‘bigger’ on Insta. Eventually, she sunk into a serious $10,00 debt! “Debt was looming over my head,” she said. Lis was earning an average five-figure pay-check yet wouldn’t live within her means! She would treat herself to monthly $200 shopping sprees so she wouldn’t be seen on Instagram wearing the same outfit twice! Every month, she’d also splurge on a designer item, such as a $1,000 vintage Louis Vuitton bag or an accessory from Kate Spade, so she could show it off to her followers.
Lis sums it up by saying, “I was living a lie”.

Lissette Calveiro talks more on fake living for the gram.

In addition to all these expenditures, Lis also decided she had to travel the world to get more fame and followers. She stated that she craved to travel to a new destination every month of the year! “Snapchat had these [geo-] filters [like digital passport stamps] and I wanted to collect at least 12, Calveiro added. WOW! This desire led her to making her largest travel spending in November 2016- a $700 round-trip ticket to Austin, Texas, for a Sia concert. Although she traveled sometimes for work, Lissette said, “If you break it down, a lot of the travel I was doing in 2016 was strictly for Instagram.”

Another day, another @bershkacollection outfit.

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Made a lil’ friend in the desert. ?

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It was only until the end of 2016 that Lis had a reality check! She landed a new PR job again in New York. This time she realized she had to do it right.

“I knew that moving to New York, I had to get my act together or I wasn’t going to survive”

Calveiro made several adjustments to her lifestyle and spending. She went into a ‘semi-ghost’ mode. For a long while, Lis only posted, what she calls “recycled content”. We’re sure it means old glamorous photos of herself she hadn’t posted yet.  She moved into an apartment with her friend, which cost her $700 a month. And she began cooking — giving herself a grocery budget of $35 a week. 


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So after fourteen tough months of a transformed lifestyle, Lissette was finally able to pay off her debt. Looking back, she expresses deep regrets for wasting all that money. “I had a lot of opportunities to save,” she said. “I could’ve invested that money in something.” 
All the same she has found new ways of doing the same old thing, this time more ‘cheaply’. 

Today, she uses an app called Digit, which funnels money from her paycheck to a savings account after she’s paid her rent and living expenses (she keeps a cushion of $300 in checking). In place of her old shopping sprees, she shells out $130 for a Rent the Runway monthly membership — so she can have a revolving door of new clothes for hire. Also, she now lives in a pad in Soho with two other roommates, where they each pay less than $1300 a month. 

“I had a lot of opportunities to save. I could’ve invested that money in something.” 

Now, Lis is more content with how she lives and she gets to be real about it. “I find more meaning in what I’m doing. It goes back to me being more authentic. Whenever someone says they like my coat I say, ‘Oh, can you believe I got this coat at H&M for $50?’As a closing remark, she said this about girls on Instagram, “Nobody talks about [his or her] finances on Instagram. It worries me how much I see girls care about image.”

Indeed, life on the internet can be just a fairy tale. Tell us what you think about this by leaving some comments below.
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