46 year old blogger says she’s always mistaken for a 20-year old

A 46 year old blogger from Australia, Danielle Greentree, has revealed something interesting! The travel blogger admitted in an interview that her body makes people think she’s much younger. Danielle said her “good genes”, coupled with healthy practices, gives her the image of a 20-year old.

Danielle has been travelling the world since she was 18, but that did not stop her from looking after her body!

For over three years now, she’s been to about 70 countries and her IG holds all the proof.

Her travel influencing Instagram account, @travel_a_little_luxe, is booming with close to a 100,000 followers. One reason? Because at 46, Danielle still has an ageless face and a banging body– as if she’s only a day over 20!

And when asked about it, Danielle attributed it all to her natural genes, as well as good eating practices.


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“A healthy dose of self esteem…and lifestyle choices”, says the Aussie blogger

“The reality of being forty-something means you just don’t wake up in the mornings looking fresh-faced and 21 anymore”, she said to New.com.au

“So, if you are thinking of becoming a fashion, lifestyle or travel influencer you will need to have a healthy dose of self esteem”, Danielle added.

Moreover, the influencer says her sporty activities have played a role also. “I do swimming, running, yoga and pilates,” she pointed out.

“I grew up on the beach, and I have always been very sporty and active whilst eating healthy, so for me it comes quite easy. It keeps me on my toes particularly if I have any swimwear collaborations to do”, she continued.

“Since I became a social media influencer I am more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle”

And to be particular about these lifestyle choices, Danielle said she mainly does natural– little to no processed foods.

“I have inherited my parent’s youthful genes but I also attribute how I have aged by my healthy lifestyle choices,” she revealed. I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I love fruit, vegetables and fish.”

Furthermore, she advises to “wear sunscreen religiously” and says she “rarely wears makeup”.


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Villa views 😱

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46 year old blogger says she’s always mistaken for a 20 year old

It is interesting, however, how Danielle became an influencer. Initially, she was working in finance and human resource. And she created her Instagram just to share some photos of a family vacation.

But surprise surprise, one particular photo went viral, earning her thousands of likes.

“I panicked when strangers started liking my posts as that was never my intention,” she said. “I had no idea what a hashtag was. I didn’t use Facebook so I really had no idea about global reach or the social media network.”

“Really, I simply just fell into it all by accident,” she said about becoming a blogger

So she began to do social media as a side hustle and with hard-work, it started to pay off. Enough that she was able to quit her day job and still earn something decent to support her lifestyle.


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Dreaming of being back here 💎💙 (This is our overwater villa private deck and pool)

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Being a 46 year old blogger has also made it easier to collaborate

‘Being in my 40s I can bring lots of life and business experiences to any new collaboration and partnership,’ she further explained to new.com.au.

And as far as influencer networking go, Danielle admitted that sometimes it gets intimidating. This is because most of the events she attends has women much younger than her in attendance. Yet still she has enough confidence to look past that.

“I sometimes stand out at influencer events… I think they are all half my age! But that’s okay, in fact they are fabulous and I had loads of fun with them.”

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