Aaron Troschke questions, but influencers cannot answer?

Youtube icon Dagi Bee, recently launched her beauty brand, Beetique. In light of this, many of her influencer friends were in attendance. Notable of these guests was Aaron Troschke, who came with a different quest! The web video presenter wasted no time in drilling some of Dagi’s top guests on trending issues. But whether they got it right or wrong…your guess is as good as ours!


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@beetique is out now 💗 & mein Video über das ganze Sortiment von BEETIQUE ist JETZT ONLINE 🎉 Link in meiner BIO 💗

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Now while the launch of Beetique was a huge success, some influencers failed at simple questions and answers! Throughout the event, Aaron Troschke, known for his directness, interviewed a couple of social media icons for his Youtube Channel “Hey Aaron!!!”. 

And now, every one of his 964,000 subscribers know what these influencers are…or rather aren’t made of.


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Hauptsache wir haben Spaß @eugenkazakov 😂😂😂

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Among some of first victims was bestie of Dagi Bee, Mrs Bella!

As part of Aaron’s bid to get influencers involved in current issues, he approached them with random questions. And who was first to fall? Mrs Bella!

“What is the Crimean crisis?”

Oh well our dear Mrs Bella had no clue what that was! Then came web star Sonny Loops:I don’t know. I don’t care about politics.” Ok, at least Sonny was honest.

But so did many other top Youtube stars also did not know!

Aaron Troschke questions, but influencers cannot answer?

Ana Lisa Kohler had no idea, neither did Sami Slimani. In fact, Sami tried to be slick by blaming it on the Christmas stress. German singer, Sarah Lombardi who also failed blamed it on her schedule: “In the last two weeks I had no time…”

But Sarah honey, that the problem’s been around since 2014!


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last one from thursday 🥛 | photo credit: Daniel Hinz

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Former GNTM candidate Fata Hasanovic, is also out of the loop

When Aaron asked Fata where the G20 summit was happening now, the top model was taken aback.  “Oh no Aaron! I looked at some political stuff the other day and switched it off directly. I’m not doing this to myself”, she admitted.

Clearly it’s all about beauty for this icon.


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All but one stood out– Rewi

At least one influencer knew a bit about politics– good old Rewi. When posed with the question about the Crimean crisis, the Youtube star answered like a natural.

“Russia simply went there and annexed the Crimea,” Rewi replied correctly. (For those who don’t know: The Crimea is a peninsula in the northern Black Sea and “annexing” means that Russia has forcibly and illegally taken possession of the Crimea). “The Crimea originally belongs to Ukraine. From a European point of view, the Crimea still belongs to Ukraine. Now, of course, it is necessary to see how political action is being taken,” he further explained.

Now that’s more like it. Rewi, Ha who knew? 😀


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Like wenn du auch manchmal auf einem Stuhl sitzt! Foto by @julianhukephotography #werbungwegenmarkierung

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Guess we need more influencers involved in more life issues! Watch full Q&A video by Aaron below:

Amanda Lucy


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