Australian restaurant slammed for sharing racy photo of food blogger

Well if it isn’t the morality checking internet at it again! An Australian restaurant is taking the heat for an Instagram post gone wrong. In the post, popular food blogger, Karylle Banez, is seen posed in front of a food platter, wearing a bra. And interestingly, the ‘bra’  part is the cause of the brouhaha. Fine and Fettle have since issued a statement explaining their motive, but people are still not having it.


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It’s been over a week but people are still not over it

Management of Fine and Fettle are busy trying to defend a post they shared of their eatery last week. No doubt the picture is fine and all, but apparently the outfit of the person in focus is ‘provocative’.

Food blogger Karylle, the person in the image, was striking one of her usual poses, seated in front of a serving of meals. But her bralette outfit has raised more eyebrows than expected, with many people tagging the photo as ‘X-rated’.

In fact, some people are so triggered that they have sworn never to go to the restaurant!

Is it that bad though?

Well according to more than 50% of the people in the since ‘disabled’ comment section, YES!

“Critics took note of Banez’ outfit and subsequently accused the eatery of presenting a ‘cheap’ image, or giving the appearance of a ‘night club’ rather than a restaurant”, FOX News reported.

“If you want your place to look classy then use a classy lady,” one user wrote. “You were obviously going for the ‘cheap’ look”

“Tacky. This screams ‘our business needs more attention. Purposely never going there in response to that sad attempt,” another comment read.

“I was under the impression it was a restaurant/cafè… not a Gentlemens [sic] club”.

“That is a BRA. A see-through bra at that. IDK Australia’s laws, but where I come from, you’d be asked to leave if you wore that to dinner. You can wear whatever you want at home. When you’re in a public place, your attire should reflect respect for other people, who may have children with them, or who don’t want to see you in your underwear,”  others commented.

So much so that the restaurant had to disable comments under the post.


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Australian restaurant slammed for sharing racy photo of food blogger

In addition to blocking all comments, Fine and Fettle have explained themselves.

“We’re a little shocked at the negative comments that have been put up,” the restaurant wrote. “It was never our intention to offend, however, we also do not appreciate this type of offensiveness from our community. Karylle is not only a lovely person, but has always been a great supporter of Fine & Fettle”, their statement began.

“We do not discriminate full stop,” the management added.

“Everyone is welcome to wear what they choose and should not be so superficially judged. Our food does and has always spoken for itself”

“We are simply promoting our nights and sharing Karylle’s experience at Fettle. Before commenting we’d appreciate if you had some thought on the fact this is a real person, with real feelings,” the Australian restaurant explained.

However, some were unperturbed by the statement, insisting Fettle was still in the wrong.

“So I can wear no top to your cafe and you would be completely fine with this FINE and FETTLE? Dress codes have changed in public dinning that’s for sure. And if not, this is a strange message to advertise to your customers”, someone said on Facebook.

Karylle has not said nothing so far

Another seemingly unperturbed person, is no other than Karylle herself. The blogger and mother-of-one has been seen nowhere near the ruckus. Her post is still up, and her comments section is still open.

Besides, it’s nothing new to her– she’s often dressed and posed this way in her photos.


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Yup, simply cannot be bothered lol!

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