Beauty blogger discovers 6-week cystic acne cure

Beauty blogger, 28, has successfully found a solution for cystic acne. Nicola Inger Scruby, who previously wouldn’t leave home without makeup, is now giving free acne removal advice. Best part is, her solution clears acne in as little as 6 weeks!


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After struggling with cystic acne all through her adolescence, Nicola has finally seen the green light!

The beauty blogger revealed that she experienced her first acne breakout after changing her contraceptive pills. “The pill I had been on since high school had been contributing to some mental health issues so my doctor decided to put me on a different type,” Nicola explained. It got so bad that sometimes, she wouldn’t leave the house.

“Some days I wouldn’t even leave the house or socialise. I’d sit in front of the mirror and pick at my skin until it was even more red and inflamed”, she said.

To the extent that Nicola faced insecurities whenever she was in a relationship. She disclosed that she even used to “wear makeup to bed” and she avoided looking people in the eye, “because I thought they were staring at my acne.”

“I was obsessed with Googling how to ‘cure’ my acne and would spend hundreds of dollars on skincare, supplements, health professionals and medication”

But all that is in the past due to her new 6-week acne removal discovery!


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After visiting 6 specialists, the beauty blogger put two & two together and made headway

Nicola, who faced low confidence problems due to acne, took a step that changed her life forever.

She decided to visit specialists to educate herself on the root cause of acne, and through this she formulated her own cure.

“I followed a specific acne dietary protocol created by a dietitian for a period of 28 days, spoke to a psychologist about how to reduce stress and anxiety and followed a super simple, consistent, skin care routine”, she revealed to Daily Mail UK

In addition to reducing anxiety, Nicola included a ‘vitamin B5 supplement’ and ‘gut health supplement’ to improve her bowel movements. She also made sure to exercise every morning and cut down the skin products she used.

Now she uses only a gentle cleanser, night time face oil, a moisturiser and lactic acid cleanser.

With consistency, she realized her skin greatly improved after 6 weeks of following this routine.


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To share her newfound knowledge, the beauty blogger has an online program called F.Acne

Nicole not only discovered an end to her acne problems, she also spread her knowledge. Through a blog, F. Acne, she’s helping women all across the globe cure their acne.

So far, she’s had over a dozen success stories– including that of top Australian influencer Georgia Gibbs

“We do the research for you so you can stop Googling and spending money on random cures or spending your days trying to find a health professional that you can trust”

An exclusive online program– with five special modules created by Nicola herself and several other experts, is available on F. Acne for $80.

“Each module contains questionnaires to determine every individual’s triggers, PDFs of information and video interviews with trusted health professionals”, Daily Mail UK wrote.

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