Belle Gibson fakes cancer; splurges proceeds on vacations!

An Australian blogger, who owes over €280,000 for fraud, is out here living her best life! Belle Gibson, has been spotted at an airport, returning from a vacation which allegedly costs over €9000! In 2017, the blogger was charged for lying about having a brain cancer, and beating it using ‘natural remedies’. Then, using this lie, she extorted money from fans, through her app and a cookbook.


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Well well well, if it isn’t Belle up to some mischief again.

After being fined in 2017 for fraud, the blogger– who still hasn’t paid up by the way, was seen returning from a 5-week safari. A TV reporter, who intercepted her and her boyfriend at the Melbourne airport, claimed this trip cost £8,000 (€9344).

And when she asked why Belle was ‘dodging her fine’, the blogger refused to answer!

Belle Gibson faked a brain cancer for years, and cashed in millions from the lie

“For years, Belle lied about having cancer, and it took an app launch, book deals, thousands of followers online and years before her web of lies were exposed”, The Sun UK reported.

Back in 2009, 20 year old Belle Gibson, was Australia’s sweetheart when she lied about battling a brain cancer. The blogger claimed to have only four months to live, attracting sympathy from various members of the public.

But after four years when Gibson was found to still be alive, she came up with a crafty story of being cured by ‘nutrition’. “She alleged that nutrition and holistic medicine, coupled with vitamins and oxygen therapy was healing her naturally”, The Sun wrote.

Through her ‘success’ at conquering terminal brain cancer, Belle launched an app called The Whole Pantry“The world’s first health and wellness lifestyle app”, as she described, was hugely successful– with over 200,000 downloads in the first month alone.

Soon after this, numerous brands were knocking her door for a collaboration. World acclaimed publishing house, Penguin, even offered Belle a book deal with a whooping £70,000 advance payment.

It was a dream come true for the blogger. She reportedly moved into a $1M beach house, splurged on a brand new BMW ride, and even surgically fixed her teeth!

Belle after getting her teeth cosmetically straightened. Source: The Sun UK
Belle Gibson was soon found out and her world came crashing down

Fast forward to 2015, Belle saw her kingdom of lies crumble. Previously, she claimed to give out 95% of her app proceeds to some 20 charities. However, some journalists started to probe into this story and soon discovered they were lies.

“When they spoke to the charities themselves, it turned out they hadn’t received a penny from her.”

Then, the media caught on to the story and more dirt came out. Penguin released a statement saying they never asked her for proof of her disease. This raised eyebrows over whether she even had cancer in the first place!

It didn’t take long for Belle herself to admit that she had lied about the condition from the very start!

She was fined for fraud and was asked to pay £240,000 (€280,000) to all the 20 organizations she claimed to be funding. In addition, she was asked to pay £90,000 to the family of nine-year-old Joshua Schwarz, who died from cancer, after she’d duped them with her ‘natural treatment tips’.

Blogger fakes cancer; splurges proceeds from fraud on vacations!

For a long while, Belle had been out of the public eye. She refused to apologize and has since not paid the money owed. It is being alleged, though, that Bella has hinted launching her own dating app.

Nevertheless, there is hope that her being spotted at the airport would re-ignite the case and authorities would follow up.

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