INfleur Blog-Check: 12 Questions, 12 Answers with THE PINK MACARON!

Hey fam! We know you are always excited about our blogger of the week! Well the twist to this week’s article is, we actually have BLOGGERS. Yes! Bloggers we said. The inseparable duo, @thebrunmacaron and @theblondmacaron are our icons for this week’s special edition of “Blog of the week”. 

The blonde- Steph and brunette- Sarah have been besties for the longest time! Together they created a blog The Pink Macaron, where they share with their fans and followers all their lovely escapades. They blog about almost everything- Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food and even their CATS!! Enviable right ?

INfleur Magazine had the chance to ask them both 12 Questions for 12 Answers #12Q12A! Here’s what they had to say:

1. Favorite time of the year, Why? Fall for sure! We prefer to show a little less skin and wrap up in stylish knit wear, over-the-knee boots and cute beanies. Cozy, comfy and also sexy, isn’t it? 😉

2. Anything else you wanted to be aside a blogger? We both work in the Online PR Business as well and do blogger relations, what else 😉 Blogging taught us so much, it’s an expertise you can not learn anywhere else. So we also work on the other side with companies to support them and also all of our lovely blogger friends!

3. Most valued belonging: Our cats for sure! We have three of them and could not live without them, and, well, maybe a Chanel bag – but please no black one!

My Monday is cozier than yours ?

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4. Meal you cook best- Steph: I can not cook at all. Well, let’s say pasta. I can do that 😉
Sarah: I actually like to cook, but my favorite meal would be pasta! So, totally fine with that!

5. One downside of blogging: Well, you never stop working as a blogger. If we go out to eat or have a vacation, we always have in the back of our minds that we need to take some pictures. We have had no warm coffee since we started blogging haha!

6. Where would you rather be and be doing what right now? Steph: Nowhere! Always remember happiness is a moment and you can have it everywhere everyday! We bloggers travel so much and sometimes we are at the most stunning places in the world but do not feel happy or we are just lazy at home and the happiest kids in the world. 

7. Celebrity crush– Sarah: Simon Baker. For me the most attractive man on earth. You need to watch “I Give It a Year” (even though the movie is really bad), major crush!!

8. One influencer within your space that inspires you: We love “The Fashion Fraction“. Michèle is very special, not like the “general” Instagram face and we love her picture ideas that always have funny twist. Like sitting in front of a salad and grabbing some pizza from her boyfriend 😉 

9. One life changing experience you have had- Sarah: I had my own vacation all alone and on my own this year and it was a beautiful experience not to be missed! One week on an island in the Indian Ocean, with nothing on my mind except of myself. So many girls are afraid of traveling on their own but would love to do so and I can only encourage them! You really learn a lot about yourself and what makes you happy when you get the chance to calm down in the middle of nature and think about your life a little.

*Ad/Anzeige Just hanging around island style ? Wish I could stay forever ?

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10. Stuck on earth alone, three things you must have with you: Pizza! Pizza makes the world go round. Plus coffee. Everything is better after coffee. Plus – do our kitties count as one thing? With a cat on your side, you never feel alone!

11. Something nice you have done for a follower before: We receive so many nice things on all those events and press-days we visit, in goodie bags and via mailings. We feel really blessed! Last year, we collected all those little gifts to one huge giveaway package for one of our followers in the end of the year. The girl we picked on Christmas was really happy and so were we, much more happiness comes from giving than from receiving!

12. An interesting saying for us all: 

When nothing is certain, everything is possible. This describes our life since starting the blog quite well, every day is full of surprises and new chances!

Amanda Lucy


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