Blogger travels first class, while her husband & kids fly economy!

A travel blogger has not only sparked a debate over her recent declaration, but has given reasons why. Naomi Isted, revealed recently that she usually ‘upgrades her flight’ to business class, while the rest of her family flies economy. But don’t get disappointed yet! The blogger has her reasons for doing this.


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Naomi goes everywhere with her family!

Naomi is that travel blogger who gets endorsements piled up at her doorstep. Among these are a few sponsored travels, which she doesn’t let go to chance. In fact, the blogger revealed that the family enjoys up to six (6) exotic holidays a year. All she has to do is to post a review of the trip, and a couple of sponsored IG posts.

However, while she travels first class during these trips, her husband and kids do not!

The mother of two said, herself, that she actually pays to upgrade her tickets, but the rest of the family can’t say same.

When asked why, Naomi told Daily Mail UK that it is because she wants to teach her kids ‘the value of money’.

 “The children are too young to appreciate first class and she is keen to teach them the value of money”

The blogger travels first class minus her kids because they’re too young to understand the value of money

Naomi’s argument is that the sooner her kids, Fleur (9), and Rocco (3), get to live this life, the worse it’d be for their ‘character’ as they grow up.

Still talking to the Daily Mail, she explained how she never had it ‘rosy’ as a child, but that taught her priceless life values she’d want her kids to have too.

“I’m sure people will think ‘oh my God’ but if you’re in a position where you have these kinds of opportunities, how do you teach your kids the value of money?”, she said.

“I wasn’t handed anything on a plate as a child or a teenager, I’ve worked for everything I’ve got”, she added.

 “The kids understand that it’s my job and why I’m in first class, whilst they’re in economy, because hard work brings rewards’.”

Moreover, the blogger said her husband, Hayden, agrees with her decision to fly the children on standard flights. In fact, he gets to be with them on those flights.

“Hayden is fine about it”, Naomi revealed.

“Like myself, he appreciates spending time with the kids and in these particular situations, he understands what I’m bringing to our lives. We are so lucky to even get to travel.”

Meanwhile in the comments section of the Daily Mail, opinions are obviously divided.

Some are in support of Naomi’s decision to teach the kids a life lesson, while others are simply not with it.

“It will teach them a few things about their mother that they will remember all their life !!”, one comment read.

“Excellent idea, I wish others would do that also! Its good for them to learn you don’t always turn left and if you work hard you might be able to…..”, another reader said.

However, others argued that Naomi’s reasoning holds no water.

“I can’t see how it teaches them the value of money, though. Their flights are paid for anyway. Maybe they should walk or go by bus”

“So she thinks travelling to exotic places in the world which most of us can only dream of, but have them fly economy will teach them the value of money?”, a comment read.

What are your thoughts?

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