British Influencer blasts Instagram for censoring posts of her body

Instagram is supposed to be a platform for positivity of any kind. So it’s no surprise to see people creating awareness for mental health, body shaming and more. But a body activist from Hull City is being barred by Instagram from posting about her body. Milly, who describes herself as a public voice for body postivity, has in turn called out the media platform.


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Where does Instagram draw the lines?

A British body positivity activist from Hull, has slammed Instagram after it deleted a post of her showing her self-harm scars.

Milly Smith, who runs the SelfLoveClubb account on the gram, put up an image for her 176,000 followers. She captioned it, saying her scars “are a symbol of past pain and future healing, nothing else”.

However, for some reason, this post was tagged ‘censored’ and taken down the platform.

Since then, Milly has created the hashtags #stopcensoringmyscars and #youcantcensormyskin, while telling Instagram they “need to figure out a way to keep your community safe that doesn’t entail censoring our warrior bodies”.

“@instagram have been censoring and removing images/accounts of bodies existing with healed selfharm scars including my own.
🚫Enough is enough🚫”


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Milly turns down Instagram’s offer of help

“Can you possibly understand what that does to a person learning to accept their body, their recovery, their survival and their past”, she continued.

“You’ve gone from protecting the community from self harm glamorising to harming the recovery community.”

The British influencer was first informed that her post was censored. And in a matter of 40 minutes, the post was finally deleted– but not without reason.

Now interestingly, that Instagram claims they did this because they were “concerned it [the post] may encourage self-harm or suicidal behaviour”. Furthermore, they wrote, “We understand this may not be your intention. We care about your safety, and if you’re going through something difficult, we’d like to help. We encourage you to get support through our resources.”

To this Milly responded,  “The irony.”

British Influencer blasts Instagram for censoring posts of her body

So far, Milly’s movement has gained considerable ground. The hashtag #youcantcensormyskin has been used over 400 times and her fans are in full support.

“As a fellow survivor and healer, thank you thank you THANK YOU for using your voice and your platform to fight for this. It’s so incredibly devaluing and harmful to see and know that posts are being taken down because we dare show our skin – skin that is living proof that we have fought, conquered and survived despite the darkest of times. So again, thank you 💕”, one wrote.

“Thank you. You gave me courage not to hide or be embarassed about my own scars”, another added. “Seriously, either their programmers suck or they’re doing this on purpose”, a fellow Instagrammer accused.

In the past, Instagram has come under fire for promoting altered bodies of models and influencers who advertise clothes.

“Many have said that the site is to blame for low self-esteem as some try and replicate models and celebrities that use it to show highlights of their life”, Hull Daily wrote.

As a quick resolution though, Milly urged her followers to share the image of her baring her scars as she has been “shadow banned” — meaning that her post will not be visible to as many of her followers as usual.

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