Brittany Dawn Davis, fitness Influencer, becomes latest scammer?

Top fitness influencer, Brittany Dawn Davis, is now being called a scammer–by her own followers. Why? Well it turns out her personal coaching and nutritional e-books did not live up to the hype. Brittany had promised customized ebooks, sessions and the like, to her customers. However, many claim the products came in late and were not satisfactory. 


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So Brittany is under fire on social media, for running a program she couldn’t keep up with! Followers and customers in a private Facebook group are now calling her a ‘scammer and liar’.

But how did it all happen?

Brittany, who has over 550,000 followers– on her Instagram alone, sells personal training programs on her website. These ebooks and guides cost up to $300 a piece! So you can understand when customers burst into an outrage when books they ordered took forever to arrive.

One customer told INSIDER about how an ebook she ordered arrived two months later

One of the members of the private Facebook group, Courtney, revealed her ordeal to She said she “purchased a dieting ebook and workout program from Davis in January 2018”. It took her two months to finally receive the book, after she’d sent several complaints to Brittany.

Furthermore, making things worse, the book was not even customized as Brittany had assured.

“Dating back to 2016 (possibly earlier) she has been scamming clients by not sending their fitness and nutritional e-books, not following through with online coaching, not conducting weekly check-ins, and not individualizing workout packets,” Courtney explained to INSIDER.

“Brittany repeatedly deleted and blocked clients who would call this to her attention”, Courtney added.


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Fitness Influencer, Brittany Dawn Davis, becomes latest scammer?

In addition to Courtney’s assertions, there have been several other complaints online. For instance, some members of the Facebook group recently signed petitions against Brittany. A petition was signed by more than 6000 people! They called her a fraud, and her business, ‘a fitness scam’.

Again, six other complaints were made on the Better Business Bureau platform– where unsatisfied customers get to report brands.

One person wrote, “I ordered a workout program from this seller (Brittany Dawn Fitness) and it was not delivered within the 96 hour window promised on their website. I purchased this program on April 26, 2018. It was never sent to me and there has been zero transparency as to why it still hasn’t been sent. I’ve reached out numerous times inquiring about the status and have received no reply…”

A controversial Youtuber made a video condemning Brittany

Now, a popular Youtube troll has joined in the ruckus. In a viral video, Cassidy Campbel shamed Miss Dawn.

He was “disguised as an angry dad, demanding Miss Dawn give his daughter her money back for a workout plan”, wrote

Brittany speaks out finally

Meanwhile the fitness influencer has published a video apology to all her disappointed customers. Last Wednesday on Youtube, she gave an explanation for her business failure.

She blamed it on unpreparedness being overwhelmed by her previous success.

“These claims are coming from years ago after I was launched into a business that took off so fast I didn’t know how to mentally handle it. I did what I had to do to the best of my abilities,” she said.

“At times, it was overwhelming and I took on more than I should have. And for that, I take full responsibility and I am sorry.”

Nevertheless, some fans who spoke to INSIDER said they did not buy her apology. According to them, all Brittany did was “monetize the video on YouTube, and posted affiliate links in the comments”.

So far, there have been no more comments from Brittany. Plus she’s disabled comments on all her IG posts.

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