Bulletin Place: Bar shares chat with influencer demanding for free drinks

Another day, another freeloader exposed. The Bulletin Place, a bar in Sydney, sparked a debate about influencers yet again after posting screenshots of their conversation with one. In this chat, the influencer had sent requests to the bar for advertisement. But things went south when he revealed it wasn’t a simple kind gesture. Shots were fired and one of them got severely burnt!


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Things got a bit heated in the dms

The Bulletin Place had some words for a so-called influencer who couldn’t restrain themselves after their demand for free drinks was denied.

The conversation started smoothly; with the influencer complimenting the bar and saying it “would be great to promote you on Instagram”.

“That would be great. Thanks!” Bulletin Place’s Instagram account responded, before the influencer disclosed they wouldn’t be doing it out of the kindness of their heart — but in exchange for free drinks!

At that point, everything changed. “Yeah nah lol,” Bulletin Place replied. “Good luck with your influencing mate.”

The influencer then hit back bitterly saying he had “never actually seen your bar” and was “booked out anyway with other relevant bars in Sydney”.


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Such a shame we’re so irrelevant. How are we ever going to popular…. 😪

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The conversation went on, turning sour with each sentence

Bulletin Place took a moment to flaunt their successes in the past, saying;

“We were just listed in the top 100 bars in the world. ‘Booked out’ — I’m glad margaritas can pay the rent, you peasant.” However this prompted a furious response.

“Hahaha I don’t drink margaritas I’m not a homeless C**t or a p***y. Good luck with your shitty bar that you think is so great but know (sic) one knows about,” the account named @jarra_sherlock12 typed back.

“Anyway I’ve got more relevant bars to talk to, thanks for messaging back though with such a nice response,” he finished up.

Right after that, the Bulletin Place decided to have more fun by posting the conversation on their Instagram. And they got applauded for it.

“Brilliant form guys! Your smack down was a better promotional tool for a bloke like me than any influencer would provide! Might pop in for a margarita!”, one follower praised.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in so long,” another wrote. “You’ve earned yourself a follower 😂”

“This is absolute gold. I love your bar. I’m coming for a drink and I’d pay double just for you putting an ‘influencer’ in his place!”

The bar also took things further by changing their biography to fit the narrative.


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Sadly, the influencer in question has had to change his handle since the incident.

Now this joins the list of bars and eateries exposing the influencer-freebie rave

In July, an ice cream truck brand went viral for making fun of influencers who demanded free ice cream. He started a hashtag #influencerspaydouble to warn influencers that he’d instead charge them twice the price of the ice cream they buy.

Last year YouTuber Elle Darby claimed she was “humiliated” by a Dublin hotel owner’s rant after she had requested a free stay. Then in April, Philippines hotel White Bana Beach Club posted on Facebook that they were not interested in the many requests they were receiving from influencers.

Another influencer’s request for free gym sessions got declined in Singapore, whilst some restaurants in Sydney swore in solidarity to not give any more free food to influencers.

And we could go on and on…

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