BuzzRanking: INfleurs Top 25 of the month

INfleur presents the Top 25 of the month, you should definitely consider following these influencers. They are inspiring, cool, and full of positivity, why you ask? Just keep reading!

1. Aida Domenech 2M Followers

This week’s #1 is Aida, she is a true fashion guru! Aida recently attended fashion week in New York, her page is filled with different outfit ideas and sneak peaks of the shows. Check out her page to see all the cool things she’s been up to while she was there.

Yesterday after @oscardelarenta show ? #nyfw #NYC ? #macbackstage

A post shared by Aida Domenech (@dulceida) on

2. Anna Nooshin 510K Followers

Recently traveling to Bonaire to show us some amazing pictures of all the fun she is having, Anna also did a photo shoot with Monica Geuze for Linda.Meiden. This is the reason she is our weeks #2! The shoot they did was kind of risky, but they decided to do it because they wanted to break certain rules that society has made up about women. Check out her Instagram to see more pics!

Done for the day ? @mickdelint #weekend

A post shared by Anna Nooshin (@annanooshin) on

3. Victoria Törnegren 765K Followers

Like many other influencers, Victoria also went to New York this past week. What she exactly was up to is not clear. Her page is super cool and kind of mysterious, and that is the reason she is in our monthly favourite #3! Definitely give her a follow, she is always up to something new.

Morning NYC ?

A post shared by Victoria Törnegren (@victoriatornegren) on

4. Nikkie de Jager 8.2M Followers

Nikkie is a Makeup artist form the Netherlands; she joined YouTube 9 years ago inspired by other makeup artist on there. Seven million subscribers later and she had the opportunity to do Kim Kardashians makeup. To see how it turned out you should check-out her YouTube Channel.

5. Tammy Hembrow 7M Followers

Tammy is an Instagram blogger and YouTuber from Australia. She is best known for her honest and open approach all her social media channels, where she shares pictures of herself, and her kids. They are the cutest! She has worked hard to get where she is now, and even has photo shoots with Good American. If you don’t know whose brand this is, you have been living under a rock.


A post shared by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Tammy ? (@tammyhembrow) on

6. Rose Bertram 744K Followers

Rose has been modeling for a while now, and has been in a relationship with Dutch footbal player Gregory van der Wiel as well. This month they surprised the world by announcing they are going to have a baby. Congratulations! Follow Rose to be up to date with all things baby!

7. Louis Cole 1.5M Followers

Louis Cole has been active on YouTube and then Instagram for some while now. One of his biggest dreams was to travel around the world in 90 days in his own plane, while flying himself. If you thought dreams didn’t come true, this one did. A couple of weeks ago he took off to make his dream come true, check out his Instagram and YouTube channel to follow his journey.

It's like we've flown to another planet ?

A post shared by Louis Cole (@funforlouis) on

8. Meghan Rienks 1.3M Followers

Meghan has only just wrapped producing and starring in her own movie Honored. Known for her funny videos on YouTube, she has stepped out of her comfort zone to produce a movie she never thought would happen. Another sign, that if you work hard and want something your dream will come true.

serving u "fell off a spin bike" & "wore a hair tie too long" vibes ✌?

A post shared by Meghan Rienks (@meghanrienks) on

9. Loiza Lamers 76.1K Followers 

Loiza is a woman to look up to! She was the first transgender female winner of the global Top Model franchise. She is still working hard, and raising awareness for the LGBTQ community. Recently Benjamin Melzer, a male transgender model, and Loiza posed together for PETA. Currently, she is in New York making all her model dreams come true.

Hidden lagoon. #exploringpoland

A post shared by Loiza Lamers (@loizalamers) on

10. Benjamin Melzer 88.7K Followers

Benjamin Melzer is a German male model; he made history in Europe by being the first transgender male model to star on the cover of Men’s Health. Currently, he is in New York  making all his model dreams come true. He only transitioned 7 years ago, and is now working hard on his fitness modeling career. While raising awareness for the LGBTQ community in the process.

11. Sara Ras 52.8K Followers

Sara has gained a large following on her Instagram, but her YouTube channel is growing even faster. This month she has reached 110K subscribers!

Note to self: you're allergic to walnuts now too #jenkenmetdepetop

A post shared by SARA RAS (@saar) on

12. Masha Sedgwick 142K Followers

Masha has been blogging since 2010, and her career has really taken off. Currently she is in Japan working on cool projects we should all be excited about! keep an eye on her Instagram!

13. Anni 935K Followers

Anni has been posting super inspirational outfit posts recently, that’s why she is in our Top 25 this month! Check her Instagram for all the amazing outfits she has put together.

Don't forget to check out my latest outfit on my Blog: <link in bio> ?

A post shared by Anni (@fashionhippieloves) on

14. Madeleine Daria Alizadeh 129K Followers

Madeleine is currently changing her dynamics, that’s why she is in our Top 25 this month. she just started producing a podcast you can find on her website, definitely worth a listen.

15. Kristina Bazan 2.4M Followers

At only 23 she has already achieved so much. Her Instagram feed is amazing, filled with all the amazing traveling she has done. Also, check out her website where she posts about the coolest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

?? @myconiancollectionhotels

A post shared by Kristina Bazan (@kristinabazan) on

16. Nil Erturk 144K Followers

One of the up and coming influencers from Turkey, Nil is all about inspiration. Her Instagram is filled with inspiring pictures and updates, and she just had a little baby who is the cutest!

17. Buse Terim 1.5M Followers

Buse is the biggest influencer form Turkey! When you look at her feed you can see how much she cares about her familiy and is loving life.

Cruising ??

A post shared by Buse Terim Bahçekapılı (@buseterim) on

18. Lana el Sahely 193K Followers

Lana is founder of L’Armoire de Lana, a platform with the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also designs her own exclusive pieces, her latest collaboration with the one and only Fendi!

Falling for Fall? Wearing Kate Moss x @equipmentfr #Fall #London #FallFashion #EnglishOak

A post shared by Lana El Sahely (@lanaelsahely) on

19. Helena Bordon 1M Followers

Helena is definitely a lucky woman, she also got to attend New York Fashion Week. She went to see the fashion shows of the one and only Philip Lim and not to forget, Ralph Lauren!

@31philliplim ? | foto @leofaria

A post shared by Maria Helena Bordon Meireles (@helenabordon) on

20. Jenny Lopez 233K Followers

Jenny is and all-round woman! She is a blogger, model, lifestyle enthusiast, and last but not least a mother. Next to all of this she also writes a column for Vogue Latin America!

21. Irina Babenko 134K Followers

Irina has made a successful career for herself. Next to handling all the different projects she is working on, she takes care of her beautiful daughter. Check out her website to see more of her cute family.

22. Betty Autier 882K Followers

Betty has to be one of the coolest women of the moment. Her style is a mix of rough and classic, you have to check her Instagram for amazing outfit ideas.

No, I don't want no scrub

A post shared by Betty Autier (@bettyautier) on

23. Chiara Biasi 1.5M Followers

Chiara is young and traveling the world making all come true!Her Instagram feed is filled with inspirational post from everything she is up to!

un'italiana a Valencia, pt 2572628 ??♠️

A post shared by ᴄʜɪᴀʀᴀ (@chiarabiasi) on

24. Monica Geuze 694K Followers

Monica started her journey on YouTube and has increased her Instagram following immensely as well! Her feed is full of pictures of all the fun she is having all over the world.


A post shared by Monica Geuze (@monicageuze) on

25. Jessica Mercedes Kirschner 808K Followers

Jessica is a girl you want to know! While attending Fashion week in New York she got to hang out with the one and only Victoria Beckham! She also has her own website where she posts all about her life, just like her Instagram.

All white for @victoriabeckham ? #NYFW ph. @lubakilubaki P.S. Kto mi kupi pajączka? ??‍♀️???

A post shared by Jessica Mercedes Kirschner © (@jemerced) on

These were INfleurs Top 25 this months! Watch out for this coming week, we have a surprise for you!

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