Buzz Interview of the Week: Baris Milano!

This week we present to you Baris Milano! Baris started his career on Snapchat and it took off almost straight away. He wanted to talk more about his Turkish background and the love he has for makeup. He is not your typical guy and a real inspiration!

Baris‘ career took off when he started Snapchat last year. “I actually got inspired to start because I wanted to talk about stuff and talk to people. I didn’t have that many close friends and I wanted to talk to people who actually understood me so I used Snapchat to reach out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been in contact with a lot of people. Mainly, the people were very surprised and shocked that a Turkish guy like me is using makeup it’s very unique and so special. I love makeup and am not afraid to show it, makeup is in my veins haha!  I am being my true self and that is the thing that people like about me.” Baris is unique and there are not a lot of people like him.

Baris is Turkish and he has been very open about many issues he has, being a foreigner. “I was also talking about my problems as a foreigner or talking about things only Turkish families can understand. That was very new, and how I gained more followers.” Baris is relatable to many people because of his style. It does not sounds very nice but Baris says he is wearing fashion for bigger people. “You can see how I am built and I am confident. That’s also how I reach my community, not everyone is as skinny as all the models on Instagram and that’s when they saw my confidence.”

Since starting his career as an influencer Baris has so many dreams, but was this his dream from a young age? I always wanted to become famous, and I always wanted to be something typical like a singer or an actor. I never thought it could turn out that way, but now I can be completely myself and I don’t have to do anything special. It’s the best thing that could have ever happened.” 

Baris has an amazing personality, it’s infectious. He gets so many opportunities thrown his way, is presenting somewhere in his future? I have so many opportunities coming my way. Here, (at GLOW by dm) I am not only an artist I am also on stage and hosting the event. I also am very lucky I get to travel and see the world. This way I meet a lot of people and get to know different characters. Everyone is so different but also connected because of our job.”

But, every job comes with its downsides. For Baris it is his privacy. “Of course, it is fun when people come up to me and want a picture. My followers are amazing! He calls them his Milanhoes! “But, sometimes it’s just the wrong time when people come up to me. When I am with a friend and it’s their birthday it should all be about them. But, if people are coming up to me the whole time I feel like I’m stealing the spotlight. That’s why I choose what i show, I don’t show my love life or my family life because with them I am just Baris. That’s the little bit of privacy I have.”

But, even though he does not have a lot of privacy he loves his “Milanhoes”! He is currently working on his own line of merchandise and would love to follow up with a fashion line. All for his followers!

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Celina Euchner

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