Buzz Interview of the week: Luisa Crashion (Germany)

Buzz Interview will be all about Luisa Crashion, 22! Luisa started her career on YouTube when she was still in school! When she posted her first video it went wrong in so many ways, but people wanted more. That’s when she decided she would start posting regularly and all these opportunities came her way!

It all started when Luisa was a young girl watching YouTube videos. “I was watching a lot of YouTube videos of girls who did their makeup. I’m a perfectionist, I always say: I can do this better. I saw a girl doing a blue smokey eye, and I thought I can do this better I love makeup. It was awful. I wasn’t that good at makeup!” Luckily, the video is not on YouTube anymore. But, some people liked the video and commented asking her to post more.

When she first started posting videos she didn’t know this many people could watch her videos. “I wasn’t looking at how many views I got. I just put up a video to prove I was better than this girl. But, I’ve been doing videos for three years now. A lot of time and work goes into the videos. That’s why my viewers watch me and how they grow. When I have a meet and great there are hundreds of people around me. I have as many subscribers as live in my village!”

She is grateful for her followers, her success is all thanks to them. She keeps them happy by sharing her life and not only sitting and doing her makeup. “Its important how I do my videos. I want my viewers to love watching my videos. I talk about my life when I do my makeup and act like a friend to them. I connect with them on the comment section as well, it’s better than just doing the makeup.”

It’s true when Luisa says she is a perfectionist. “I want to be happy with my achievements and achieve my goals. Now, I have so much going on, and a lot bigger goals. One of them is creating a meet and greet just for my viewers and I. I would love to make it more personal and have a chat with them in a big house. I’m so thankful, they have given me so much and they’re the reason that I’m here.”

Because of her success, Luisa has been able to work with a lot of brands. Brands trust her now. “The brand sees that I am a real fan of the product I show my viewers. A company trusts me and my viewers trust me. This trust is important, I don’t want to break my trust because then you lose your loyal fans.”

But, every job has its downsides. Luisa thinks people should less obsessed with what they look like. “I would love to change that people are not obsessed with being perfect. Many of my friends on YouTube don’t even want to show themselves without makeup because the pressure is too high to be perfect. I would love that the pressure to be beautiful all the time would not be present. Everyone should be happy with who they are.” She encourages everyone to just be themselves. “So many viewers dyed their hair red like me. A lot of viewers wanted to do it, and I told them do just do it if they wanted to.”

There is still so much Luisa wants to do. “I would love to work with Maybelline. That’s one of the few companies who work with crazy models and influencers. They are kind of different. They go for unique. I’m a little bit different, and bit crazy with my red hair. A lot of companies didn’t want to work with me because of that, I wasn’t the girl next door.”

At the moment Luisa is focusing on her YouTube channel and clothing line. ” The content for my YouTube channel is super important, it’s where I connect with my viewers. I am also working on a second range for my clothing line which I’m really excited about!”

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