Buzz Interview of the Week: Manon and Anaïs Quadratus

Today on INFleur, we’re talking to two personalities (or is it just one?) When we say ‘French’, ‘sisters’ and ‘twins’, what comes to mind? We’re obviously talking about the famous French twins, Manon and Anais Quadratus! Just for you, we’ve asked the twins a few questions about their day-to-day lives.

1. How would you describe yourselves in one word?

2. What was your first professional stepping stone?
Our first professional stepping stone was reality television.

3. Could you explain the relationship between the both of you?
We work well together and compliment each others work ethic. We go forward together, and we always need to know each other’s opinion.

4. What is your main occupation?

We have two mains occupations at the moment, we are both students and Youtubers.

5. What is your biggest strength?
It would mostly about advising other people, we’re always there for people close to us and our subscribers.

6. What is the main differences between the two of you?
Our temper is the biggest difference, Manon being more soft-spoken than me for example, but that’s what make us complementary.

7. What inspires you the most?
We get inspiration mostly from ourselves, we don´t take inspiration from others and we take it as it comes.

8. How was your experience being part of a reality TV show?

It was a very good experience, very enriching.

9. Do you think Instagram has been helpful in developing your audience?
Yes of course! Instagram is helpful to develop our image because we can be very close to our subscribers with pictures and messages.

10. How do you manage to separate your public life from your private life?
We are very close to our subscribers, so we try to show our everyday lives and we think that’s what they appreciate us.

11. What are your main goals in life?
Our main goal is to be happy, we think that’s the most important thing in life.

12. How is your love life?

Anais is engaged. Manon is single.

13. If you had a motto or quote for all your fans, what would it be?
“Believe in your dreams.” This is a motto that we try to apply on a daily basis.

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Celina Euchner

Celina Euchner schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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