Buzz Ranking of the Week: Top 5 Countries That Should Be On Your Bucketlist!

The year is almost over and it’s time to get 2018 ready! Have you come up with your new years resolutions? One of them is probably exercising, haha! What about traveling? This list consists of the countries you must visit in 2018, get them on your bucketlist!

1. Finland

To stay with the festive spirit before the holidays Finland had to be on your bucketlist! Especially, Lapland is a place you should visit. It’s where Santa stays when he’s preparing for Christmas!

Low light creates pink glow in Lapland, Finland. Photo by @villepaakkonen #finland

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2. Ireland

Ireland is also an amazing country! The west coast is known for its beautiful scenery. There are so many fun activities to do and also enjoy an amazing view at the same time!

3. Switzerland

To stay in the festive mood you should go ice skating! It’s not often people get to do this on natural ice, but in Switzerland it definitely is! Ice skating on Lac du Joux if always a good idea!

4. Hungary

Visiting Hungary, definitely Budapest, should be on your bucketlist! There architecture is simply amazing. But, Budapest is also known for its nightlife. If you want to have an amazing night out Budapest is definitely the place to be!

5. Germany

Germany is amazing in itself and has some of the best places to visit. It doesn’t matter if you want to be in the city or enjoy its country side. It’s possible to do both in Germany! The Bavarian Alps for example, are you looking for some peace and quiet then this is definitely the place to be! Just look at the beauty.

Last light of the day over the Zugspitze

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