Buzz Ranking of the Week: Top 5 DIY channels on YouTube!

It’s that time of the year, holiday season!Here at INfleur we’re getting into the holiday season. We want to start December the right way and give you some festive inspo to decorate your house and some ideas for Christmas. Better safe than sorry! Sit back and enjoy some of the best DIY videos on YouTube.

1. Zoë

Zoë could be the queen of Christmas! Every year she dedicates a video a day during the month of December to Christmas. Not only does she create funny DIY videos she also participates in Vlogmas. She films what she does everyday from Dec 1st until Dec 24th. If you want some Christmas gift and decor inspo definitely check her out!

2. Lauren

Lauren is a do it yourself specialist on YouTube! She creates the most creative things, check-out these phone cases! If you want to save money this Christmas this could be a good gift! She has many more videos about gift ideas, fashion, and lifestyle. This year she released a song “DIY QUEEN” that should be enough to convince you to check her out!

3. Weylie

Weylie is actually a hair, makeup and beauty guru on YouTube. However she can also come up with the best DIY ideas! Guys and girls with a boyfriend out there, you should definitely check out her video on DIY gifts for your boyfriend. She has come up with the cutest ways to treat your partner!

4. Fleur

Fleur is a beauty and make-up expert on YouTube! She also writes her own blog. Overall she has over 1.4M subscribers and 800K followers on Instagram. If you know Fleur, you know how creative she can be. Not only with makeup but also when it comes to decorating and gift ideas. Below you can check one of her many videos she has on DIY!

5. Sarah

Sarah is an Australian YouTube star! Mostly, she posts videos about her life. Morning and evening routines, and vlogs with her cute boyfriend Kane!  Instead of it being -10 degrees celsius it can be around 30 degrees celsius. She knows a thing or two about DIY. Being from Australia Christmas is a bit different. But, she tries to keep the Christmas spirit going in all that heat!

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