Buzz Ranking of the Week: Top 5 Hottest Twins on Instagram!

Can’t get enough of Instagram and want to get to know more amazing people? This week we have some of the hottest and coolest twins on social media! From YouTube to Instagram, there is something for everyone. Find out what these twins are up to!

1. Larry and Laurent, 28

Born and raised in France they became the darlings of the French audience in 2008. They were finalists of the TV show Incroyale Talent. One of their performances went viral and  their careers took off after. They left France for America to participate in World of Dance, they competed for a $1 million prize. Since, they have been dancers for Beyoncé and Missy Elliot!

2. Jordan and Zac, 25

Jordan and Zac have made their mark in the modeling world. They have walked the runway for Calvin Klein. They have turned a career in modeling into a brand and are now working with the biggest names in fashion! It all started when their friends pushed them to go to an agency to become models, just to make a bit of cash. People loved the first pictures they took with the agency and were shared millions of times.


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3. Merrell twins, 21

Veronica and Vanessa have a super successful career on social media! Before their careers took off on social media they dipped their toes in acting, and starred in some commercials. But, social media is now their full time job. They have a YouTube channel, Instagram account all in their name. They are a package deal. With almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube it’s not strange they have won multiple awards for the work they do. They were named YouNowers of the year and Best Live show in 2016!

We are at the @guiltypartyofficial movie premiere!

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4. Dolan twins, 17

Ethan and Grayson are the male version of Vanessa and Veronica. But, they only started in 2014 with Vine. They soon started their YouTube channel and they never left the scene. On their YouTube channel they post funny videos together but also with their friends. So, if you like watching people pranking each other or doing challenges then they are the channel for you!

Gray what should we caption this

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5. Kaplan twins, 24

These girls are a bit different than the other people on the list. They are artists from New York! They went to New York University and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. They now both live and work in Los Angeles. You can see some of their art if you check out their Instagram. All they want is for people to interpret their art as entertainment and not as objects. They have fun with the work they do!

Laguna Beach season 4 ?: @ash_wilhardt

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