Buzz Ranking of the week: Top 5 People To Follow On Snapchat!

This week we present to you the top 5 people to follow on Snapchat! We know, people are forgetting about Snapchat a little bit, but we wanted to give you a good reason to start using it again.

1. JC Caylen

JC is a real adventurist! He likes to share all his adventures with us on his Snapchat, chamclouder. He became well known from his crazy videos he posts on YouTube with his crazy friends.

2. Gabriella

Gabbie likes to share her daily activities on Snapchat. She also vlogs on her YouTube channel, but her Snap @gabblindley shows little behind the scenes clips of her life. She also has the cutest cat who she also films!


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3. Chloe Ferry

We all know Chloe, and if you don’t, where have you been?? She is the craziest one on Geardie Shore, according to us. On Snapchat she shows us what she gets up to in her daily life and it is very amusing. Find her at Chloe1ferry!

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4. Andrea Russet

Andrea also started her career on YouTube where she has almost 3 Million subscribers! It all started when she posted a video about Justin Bieber and people wanted more. Her subscribers have become her little family who support her no matter what! You can follow her at andwizzle.

bah humbug ??

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5. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy has basically become a household name in the social media world. She only started in 2015 on Vine, but when it closed down business she quickly made the move to YouTube and Snapchat. It was a very smart idea because now she has 13 Million subscribers on YouTube! You can find her at lizakoshysnaps.

classy but gassy

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