BuzzInterview of the Week: Ana Kohler!

This week’s Buzz Interview is with Ana Kohler! Ana is only 19 but has reached so much already. Talking to Ana you immediately get to know how kind, caring and passionate she is about what she does. The past year she focused on her social media career 24/7 and the hard work has definitely paid off!

Ana has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube, but she is most known for her account. She posts quick videos of her miming to songs, ironically she can also really sing. She even has her own song out, but we’ll talk about that later. Let’s start at the beginning. “It all started with live streaming two years ago, but it was never the plan to become what I am now. It’s funny how it happened, it was me and my brother on YouNow (a livestreaming website). People liked it and wanted my Instagram and that’s when my Instagram blew up. I started only a year after YouNow. is the biggest platform for me.” She has over 500K followers, WOW.  “Since a year I am active on all social media platforms, and I would consider it a full time job for me now.”

“It’s a passion. I can do what I want, I can present myself whatever way I want. People like this, they appreciate what I post.”

Of course, there is a limit of what Ana shows on social media. She would never share anything about her family, friends from home and, if she had a boyfriend, her boyfriend. to her it’s not important to show these people, her social media accounts are about her. “It’s nice to keep that small, but very important, part of my life private.”

However, Ana shares a lot of her life. Her followers get to enjoy videos on her account daily and she likes to upload the occasional vlog or Q&A on her YouTube channel. Besides social media she also loves to sing. She only started her music career last month and has already performed on live TV in front of 4000 people and 3M other people who were watching from home. “It was such a shock but no one can take that away from me now.”

Ana also wants to be a lot more active on YouTube. She gets her inspiration from a lot of YouTubers from America. She loves MyLiveAsEva and Logan Paul. “They are people who do this every day with passion and they like what they do.” Ana also think Cameron Dallas is a super cool guy. She met him one year ago and it was her biggest dream at the time. The way he does everything on social media and is still able to be true to himself is special. “He hasn’t changed. It is very difficult to stay true to yourself when you work in this industry. I am not a star, but when you are as big as him it’s hard to stay yourself.”

Instagram is currently Ana’s favourite social media account. She tries to inspire others by sending a positive message from her Instagram account. “You need to be yourself, you are unique and beautiful. I tried to tell this to people who are not very happy about themselves.” It’s super cool Ana tries to create a positive message to cheer up her followers. It’s all thanks to her start on YouNow. Recently, she likes to do Instagram live and live, so make sure you follow her on those platforms!

Ana appreciates her followers a lot, they are the reason she gets to travel and meet so many people. “There are so many people who work in social media and have so much passion working on their content it’s inspiring to talk to them. They have so many stories behind them, and so many people are different.”

Ana still doesn’t realize how many people follow her on social media and it’s a crazy thing to think about. She is just a normal girl like anyone and gets nervous before going to a convention for example. “I like it, but I don’t realize it at all. I’m a normal girl, I’m like everyone else here but I show my life on social media. That’s something that makes me different to others.”

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