BuzzInterview of the Week: Benjamin Melzer (Germany)

INfleur presents this week’s BuzzInterview. We would like to introduce Benjamin Melzer. Benjamin is a male fitness model, last year he starred on the cover of Men’s Health as the first transgender model in Europe. He is working hard to make all his dreams come true. Keep reading to get to know him!

People will probably be wondering what a normal day looks like for a model. Benjamin answered like any responsible adult would and said: “I usually get up quite early because I always want to make the best of a day!” Coffee is definitely an essential in Benjamin’s life, and so is taking care of his body. On a regular day, he would check his emails, plan his meals and work out. If you check his Instagram you definitely see he works out and takes care of his body. 

Benjamin Melzer has known for a while that he wanted to be a model. He has always been into fashion,taking care of his body and modeling. The job has made him more sensitive, which he wasn’t expecting. “I guess modeling made me a lot more sensitive when it comes to self reflection.” He has loved it ever since the  first time he stood in front of the camera. Before the first shoot he was very nervous and sweaty, but the minute the photographer said to start, the whole room went blurry and it was just him and the camera. He felt instantly comfortable and in the right place. “I knew this was what I was meant to be, like I finally found my passion for something.”

Benjamin Melzer is a truly inspiring person and doesn’t do much to achieve this. He is himself, and only does things he truly loves. Staying positive and working hard for his dreams, is how he lives his life. “I guess it’s great, that the way I live my life inspires others and gives them strength!”

People have different thoughts and expectations when it comes to modeling. When asked what Benjamin’s expectations were he had a simple answer: “I started without any expectations, this way you can’t be disappointed!” Every time Benjamin starts to think about his career, a new opportunity comes his way. He is very grateful he can finally do what he loves.


“I’m so grateful to finally be who I am.”


His main goal is to be an established model in the industry he is working in. Collaborating with big brands and seeing himself on billboards all around the globe. What model wouldn’t dream of this? He also wants to be a role model for the younger models, paving a way for them.  Of course, people are always dreaming. One of Benjamin’s biggest dreams is to work for Calvin Klein underwear or a cologne campaign. As he says himself; “This would be a dream come true!”

Of course, Benjamin has someone he gets his inspiration from and who he looks up to. Ever since he can remember Justin Timberlake has been a huge inspiration for him. He loves his positivity and the way he handles himself. This fits perfectly with how Benjamin wants to live his life. When it comes to Instagram he can’t choose one person he follows that inspires him, there are so many to choose from! He follows many accounts and a lot of them are other models, crossfitters, actors and lifestyle bloggers. He is interested in so many things, he can’t just choose one.

When talking about his followers Benjamin says they are the best! “There’s no bullying or hate on my page!” His followers are very supportive and very active. It still feels unreal to him that foreign people, who he doesn’t know, will follow him just because of who he is. “I’m really happy and grateful for each and everyone.”

His favourite project he worked on has been the Mercedes Benz campaign. The whole crew was super nice and positive. The campaign contained a little bit of acting and modeling, which he found fun to combine. “I guess I like that a lot, it’s so much fun!”

Benjamin Melzer is working on many things at the moment, but unfortunately he can’t tell us about anything yet. The only thing he can say is to stay tuned! 

This interview is presented to you by BuzzBeanie.

Celina Euchner

Celina Euchner schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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