BuzzNewcomer: 12 Questions, 12 Answers with @lovelydreamer_

Nfleur Newcomer-Check! Each week, INfleur presents the hottest new influencers of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Co. There are 12 interesting questions. This week we introduce you to Sabrina Putri, better known as @lovelydreamer_

1. My favourite social media platform is: “At the moment these are my three favs: Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat.”

2. My favourite influencer: “I think it would be Aspyn Ovard, I always get my travel/photography inspiration from her.”

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3. What I always have with me: “My phone and vlog camera.”

4. My beauty secret is: “Drinking a lot of water, working out, laughing and taking care of yourself.”

5. My inspiration is: “Life and the internet.” 

6. My life motto is: “Do everything of what make you happy!” It sounds very cliché, but it’s how it is. I try to better myself every day and become a bit more happy.”

7. A week without internet for me would mean: “Boring and unproductive. Without internet I wouldn’t be able to do my work. I could live a week without internet, but then I couldn’t complete my daily tasks.”

Naar wie of wat kijk ik? ? • • • • • • #oneplus #plants #girl #outfit #green #amsterdam#watch #primark

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8. I’m going to a deserted island and I take with me: “Everything I need to survive over there, haha! That might be the most important thing.”

9. What I remember from my first Instagram post:  “My very first Instagram post is not online anymore. But, I do remember being a big fan of all the filters an I probably used them. It was most likely a selfie.”

10. My biggest dream: “At this moment, I would love to travel somewhere every month. My biggest dream as a kid has been going to the U.S.”

11. Funniest thing that happened to me recently: “That is a hard one.. I don’t know if it’s funny, but I was on TV recently and I made myself look like a fool. It was funny, but not at the same time, haha!”

12. If I had to live in another country, I would live in: “I would love to live in America! Then it would either be L.A. or NYC. But, I couldn’t live there my whole life, maybe for a year would be fun.”

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Jade Becker

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