BuzzRanking of the Week: 5 Most Influencial Drag Queens of Instagram!

With this week INfleur’s BuzzRanking we decided to give you something different. Get to know five of the most influencial drag queens of Instagram! Each of them have a special look. If you thought you could do makeup, think again. These queens look like art. If you want to be inspired you should definitely keep reading! 

1. RuPaul

The #1 of the list must be RuPaul! She is the absolute mother of all Queens! RuPaul is a model, actor, singer and spokesperson. RuPaul was the first drag queen to ever land a major cosmetics campaign. From then on she released eleven studio albums and started her own show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race for which she received two Emmy Awards. Up to this day Ru is one of the most successful queens! Definitely check her out, she is awesome!

COLLECTION of my favorite songs on one album. “RuPaul: Essential" #iTunes

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“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

2. Sasha Velour

#2 is Sasha Velour! She participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 and ended up winning the season. Sasha is not only a drag queen but also an artist, designer and creative director. Sasha has a very interesting look, she was inspired by her mother. Her mother lost all her hair due to cancer treatment and as a tribute to her Sasha decided to go for a bald look. Her mother believed the wouldn’t be beautiful after losing all her hair, but of course this isn’t true. Sasha is definitely and inspiration to many, you should really check her out!

“Be the strange you wish to see in the world!”

3. Kim Chi

She was born in the US. and raised in South Korea. Kim Chi’s look is inspired by anime. As Kim Chi she celebrates all things cute, fun, weird and exotic. She also participated on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 and ended up in the final three. But, started her career as a drag queen a few years before. Her mother doesn’t know anything about this. She comes from a very traditional family and rather not have them know the kind of work she does. But, Kim Chi is definitely an amazing queen. Check her Instagram, we’re sure you want to see more!

When your hair is eating you alive but you still have to pose through it. Hair by @wigsandgrace

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“I came to DESTROY EVERYONE, with my make-up.”

4. Cheddar Gorgeous

Cheddar is a UK based drag queen with a very special look. She creates the most amazing makeup looks. Just look at her. Not only does she look amazing her performances are equally as great! She doesn’t only perform in England, but also gets to travel and perform in different countries. That must be a real dream come true! If you check out her Instagram, something you should definitely do, you will find even more artsy looks and pictures of her performances.

“Super Hero, Drag and Idealist!”

5. Miss Fame

After participating on Drag Race Miss Fame’s career really took off. Since then she has been very active in the modeling world. Recently, walking the runway for L’Oréal during Paris Fashion Week. She is also a makeup artist and she had made a real career out of that as well. She even has her own tour where she gives the audience a four hour makeup class. If you want to see some of these looks you should go to her website. Miss Fame sure is making a fabulous career for herself, make sure you check her out!

“Greetings Earth Queens, I come in peace.”

These queens are of course not the only influencial queens of Instagram. There are many, many others You can find a lot of all the other queens tagged on Instagram posts of these girls. We know you want see more!

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