BuzzRanking of the Week: 5 of the Sexiest Men on Instagram!

INfleur presents this weeks BuzzRanking. Get ready girls and some of you guys too, this one is for you! These guys might not think they’re sexy, but they sure are! This article is perfect to start your day, or after a long day at work. Of course, there are many men we should appreciate, but these are the sexiest men we chose this time. You can sit back, relax and enjoy five of the sexiest men on Instagram!

1. Broderick Hunter 154K Followers

Our Buzz #1 this week is Broderick Hunter! Before becoming a model Broderick was supposed to become a basketball star. Looking at his Instagram it’s obvious why he became a model, just look at him! Broderick is also working hard on his acting career and has already starred in the TV show Insecure. So, make sure you check out this hottie!


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2. Adam Gallagher 2.1M Followers

This weeks #2 is Adam Gallagher. Adam is a super down to earth, fashionable and, most important of all, a sexy guy. He is founder of the website I AM GALLA. This is his very popular blog where he posts styling tips, trend forecasts and about whatever else he is up to. Lucky for us, he also posts pictures with these articles. His Instagram is also a dream, so go over there quick and take a peak!

Mykonos magic ✨? this was our view at @myconiancollectionhotels every morning†

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3. Pietro Boselli 2.2M Followers

Our #3 this week is Pietro Boselli. He has the full package. He is smart, sweet, and sexy! Not only does he have a PhD in engineering, he also used to be a mathematics teacher at a university in London. However, modeling has a always been in his blood. He got scouted at the age of six and has been on the scene ever since. You have to check out Pietro’s Instagram, where he posts most of his work!


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4. Hideo Muraoka 124K Followers

All these guys are models in some way, and so is Hideo, our #4 this week. He had never dreamt of becoming a model before he was scouted at the age of eighteen. But, he wouldn’t have it any other way and he is so grateful! This guy is a mix of  Brazilian and Japanese, but grew up in the Philippines which makes him even more interesting. It makes sense this guy is a model, just check out his Instagram!

5. River Viiperi 665K Followers

#5 This week is River Viiperi, it’s all thanks to his mother that we get to enjoy the presence of River in our life. It all started when she introduced him to the modeling world, however his parents insisted he finish his study first. But thankfully, he decided to focus on his modeling career. Now, he is a big success and he has kept his promise and is finishing his courses online. This guy also has the beauty and the brains, the perfect guy!


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You must want to get to know more of the sexiest guys on Instagram. Keep an eye out on our website, we might have a treat coming your way!

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