Cassidy McGill, Instagram Influencer, reveals–“it’s not easy”

For those who thought being an influencer was a walk in the park, well think again! Reality TV star turned influencer, Cassidy Mcgill, has shed some light on the kind of ‘hard work’ this job entails. The former Love Island Australia contestant made these remarks in a recent Instagram story to her 259,000 followers.


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After the show, Cassidy has turned to full time Instagram influencing

Following her great fame from Love Island, Cassidy is now one of the show’s biggest exports. She spends most, if not all, of her time working with top brands through advertisements.
So far, she’s collaborated with brands like Oral B, Olay and Asos. It is even hard to draw the line between her actual areas of influence. But let’s just say she’s a fashion/lifestyle influencer?

And with close to 260,000 followers, it’s easy to say that she’s having a blast, right?

Well it looks like that’s a no. The influencer, who claims she’s “here for a good time not a long time”, has come come clean– saying it’s actually ‘hard work’!
McGill posted a video to her Instagram story on Friday explaining the pressures of this career path.

“You know what, I kind of want to come on here and defend this stigma around having social media as a job,” she began.

“Everyone thinks that we get paid a s**tload to do f*** all, and it’s really easy – it’s not easy, this job basically never stops and there’s a lot of pressure”


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Instagram Influencer reveals–“It’s not easy, this job basically never stops”

Cassidy lamented about how, as an influencer, she’s expected to please everyone.

“The way I look at it, you have your job, you have however many bosses, you maybe have a review once a month where they give you some feedback, some constructive criticism, they give you some praise and you move on from there”, she explained.

“I have 260,000 bosses essentially, sometimes I even put your happiness and needs in front of what I would actually like to post because I know what you guys like as opposed to what I like. So it’s a hard job, it never stops but you know we do it anyway”, she continued.

“I just want to give myself a pat on the back and my fellow influencers a pat on the back – it’s a damn hard job”

McGill finally said that she is “very grateful” for the various opportunities her job has offered her.


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Her followers were not so pleased about Cassidy’s declarations

However, the public have taken turns bashing her for her statement.

“What about people in underpaid jobs doing it tough?”, one fan threw back at the influencer. “And this chick is whining about getting paid to promote free products and attend parties. What is this world coming to?”, they added.

“Imagine being so privileged that you think having someone tell you what to do is the worst part about working”, another said.

“There are so many people out there in underpaid… jobs doing it so much tougher [and] actually providing a needed service.”

“Yeah, I’ll think of how hard she has it when I strap myself in for a 12-hour shift in my ambulance on Monday”, a medic said.

One person on Facebook summed it all up in her comment which read;

“Being a social worker, a nurse, a teacher, a labourer are hard jobs. Being a mother is a hard job. Also, being a farmer is hard”, it started.

“Being an “influencer” is an unsustainable job for 98 per cent of you in the long term. Have some influence? Do some good in the world.”


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Let’s get weird it’s Friday

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Guess opening up did Cassidy no good, did it?

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