Cassidy Valentine, beauty blogger, nearly lost her lip to fillers!

WHAT? London-based beauty blogger, Cassidy Valentine, was this close to losing her top lip; due to a lip filler treatment gone horribly wrong. Cassidy claims the treatment was offered to her for free, but little did she know it was going to cost her eventually. In a Youtube video, the blogger lambasted the filler company, while showing her lips which had turned BLUE!

“With rising insecurities and influencer culture morphing our self image, plastic surgeries have become more popular than ever”

Cassidy is having the worst month!

After accepting to have her lips filled FOR FREE by a beautician– not a surgeon, the blogger saw a horrid change in her appearance. Ironically, her original motives for taking this procedure was to change her appearance, but not this way!

The 21- year old explained to SKY NEWS how she thought these new ‘lips’ would help her feel better about herself.

“I felt fed up with my appearance,” she said. “I’d gained weight, my hair had fallen out due to alopecia and I decided to change something to see if it would make me feel better.”
And with no prior research about the procedure, or the beautician, Valentine jumped in with both feet and had it done.

In a few hours, all she saw were her lips swelling up and turning blue!


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The blogger then put up a Youtube video, calling out the fillers brand in it

The snippet of the video is what you see above.

Valentine revealed in the video that she panicked and rushed to two clinics, before receiving the news that her lips had “lost their pulse”.

“My artery had been occluded and my lip was hours from falling off as it was dying.” she said. “If I hadn’t contacted the second clinic, I would not have a top lip and I really don’t know the effect that would have had on my mental health.”
She ended up getting another injection to dissolve the filler.

While she was injecting me, she said, ‘Do you bruise easily?’ I said no. She goes, ‘Oh, you’re really going to bruise,’” Cassidy recalls of her time with the beautician

So in an extensive 12-minute video, she narrated her ordeal with some pictures of her condition. She further called out Flawless Cosmetic as the brand responsible for those dangerous filler injections.

“Hi guys, so I wanted to make this video to make people aware of the real dangers of lip fillers. I almost lost my top lip and my eyesight.
In this video I show you the ins and outs of the procedure and how I got it fixed.
I was told by the clinic who botched me that this was normal and to just take antihistamines which are allergy tablets. If I hadn’t followed my gut instinct, I would be without a top lip and more than likely blind.
This is what @FlawlessCosmetic done to me and several others…”


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Some clients bleed, some don’t. This one’s easier to watch for those who don’t like blood…. 💉

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Cassidy Valentine, beauty blogger, nearly lost her lip to fillers!

Her final advice for all was to not get influenced by the internet– and influencers.

“Do not copy influencers and people who they are promoting — usually it’s just for free fillers,” she cautioned.

 “Guys, if you’re going to get lip fillers done, pay a little bit extra and go to a real doctor, not a beautician”, she added.

Interestingly, many of her viewers agreed with her, saying that particular brand offered bad services.

One notable comment read, “A similar thing happened to me and they were absolutely useless when I complained to them and sent them all the photos! They only ever gave me HALF my money back once I posted bad reviews of them and they threatened me with legal action…”

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