Catch-up: Interview with fashion influencer, Khaled Ali

Earlier this year, INfleur introduced a sexy, fine model–Khaled J Ali. We had a fun interview where he spoke about his life and work. In that interview, Khaled said he’d always wanted to be popular. Today, his follower base has risen by over 5000! So we’re catching up with Khaled again to talk to him about the daily life of an influencer, and how things have worked out for him since our last interview.


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Generally, what has changed for you since your last interview with INfleur?

Khaled: Actually what has changed since my last interview with you is that i got more exposure in your country which you helped with and thats why I’m here with you again.

Which influencers inspire you these days?

Khaled: Influencers are all over the social media now but there’s always a big love for some of them. For example, I like:

simon_sava he is a travel and lifestyle blogger.

Christopherbark: fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Ahmed el sayed, known as twistedcurlz on Instagram.


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We already know how you built your brand, so how are you sustaining it so far?

Khaled: Well, I take it a day at a time, sticking to my original plan to stay authentic. Being a real influencer is more about being as true to your image as ever. For instance, I stated in my first interview that I loved interacting with my followers, and I still do. Through that realness I show, I’m able to get ahead.

Alright then. So as an influencer, how do you start your day? Tell us about your usual morning activity.

Khaled: Nowadays I’m traveling often, so my schedule is a bit different than the usual but I always try to Gym because it is a priority for me.

I start my day by preparing my meal before gym so I make sure that I’m full of energy. Usually, I like to keep it healthy so I have for breakfast–oats with soya milk, dry fruits, and a banana aside.

How do you spend the rest of your day (afternoon)? Lunch, work?

Khaled: After my morning routine, which is the gym, I go back home–shower, rest, reply emails and etc… Then I check with my friends the plan for the rest of the day. We meet for coffee, tea, lunch and sometimes for shopping lol.


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And how do you spend your evenings?

Khaled: As I mentioned above, I’m not able to catch up with friends often because I’m out of the country most of the time, so I use my evenings to do that as much as I can.

Fair enough. So overall, how exciting is your day?

Khaled: It basically depends on what i want to do and where I am–if I’m home or outside the country. Everything has a budget but it’s usually a good day everyday!

Compare your weekdays to your weekends in terms of activities, spending, enthusiasm. Do you prefer your weekends to your weekdays or the other way round?

Khaled: To be honest it doesn’t matter for me if it’s a weekend or weekday. Since I work from home, it’s the same. But i prefer to stay home on weekends or for road-trips with friends on Sundays–that’s the usual plan.


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We hear a lot these days that many bloggers ‘fake’ their Instagram lives. What is your view on this? Do you think this affects influencer marketing?

Khaled: So like I said earlier, I think being authentic and real is key. Yes, this affects influencer marketing greatly. Imagine having to tell your followers about a product, and it having no impact at all on their decision to buy. Our influencers should try to align themselves with some particulars and make it a point not to sway.

 If you could change something about Influencing/Blogging what would that be?

Khaled: I would make it not for free lol. Everyone has to pay for it, because hard work pays off.

Finally, if you were to quit blogging today what would you miss most? Which avenue would you rather venture in if you quit?

Khaled: What i will miss the most is the exposure i have, maybe lol. I’d probably take entrepreneurship a notch higher and own a gym 😁

Catch-up: Interview with fashion influencer, Khaled Ali
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