Meet KFC’s millennial influencer, posing as ‘Colonel Sanders’!

Virtual influencers are taking over, and KFC is giving us a good laugh with it! As a way to join in the fun, they have unveiled their very own influencer. Meet Colonel Harland Sanders: the not-so-real KFC celebrity. And by that we mean, he’s a VIRTUAL influencer– with the looks of a millennial. He’s tall, urbane-looking, and already has an Instagram to go with the flow.


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Out with the old; welcome to the new, modern Sanders

He’s not even a real person guys! KFC’s new IG recruit is a computer-generated figure, looking to make it big on the internet too.

And he took the looks of the older Colonel Sanders, with a few ‘sexier’ changes. Aside the signature grey mustache, and the white suit and black tie, this one has perfect abs and a tattoo– “secret recipe for success”, to match with the brand.

The best part is Sanders has a plan! “The influencer’s talents and services, according to a humorous take on a media kit, include disruptive business deals, inspirational ‘collabs’ and authentic Gen-Z engagement”, AdAge wrote.

 “Basically, I am an international mogul turned virtual person who wants to inspire the world with my amazing life”

The Colonel granted an interview to AdAge

In an interesting interview with AdAge, the virtual Colonel let in on his ‘life’. When asked questions on his job and future plans, his answers were as humorous as they came.

For instance, AdAge asked; “What was your job before you became a virtual influencer?”

“I was the OG entrepreneur and fried chicken salesman, always doing things the Hard Way”, he answered.

And when asked about his earnings as an influencer, he joked about being swooped with deals.
“I make a good living crushing deals as a virtual influencer, but let’s just say, fried chicken still pays the bills”.

“I feel like I am both the canvas and inspiration for this beauty. Always try to inspire like I do when I’m making amazing fried chicken. Inspiration is part of my #secretrecipeforsuccess”.

Things got even funnier when he said he’s often mistaken as a brother of the Hemsworths!

“I get that a lot. Maybe Chris or Liam can be the next Colonel. Coming for you, Hemsworths!”, he playfully put it.

Meet KFC’s virtual millennial influencer, posing as ‘Colonel Sanders’!

On a more serious note, KFC’s Hemsworth has a couple of deals in the bag for him. He plans to work with brands like TurboTax and Old Spice— who are apparently brands linked to KFC’s creative agency, Wieden & Kennedy.

Plus, Dr Pepper have expressed interest in working with the Colonel– and honestly that’s something to look forward to.

“For me, it’s being in the kitchen and making amazing fried chicken. That’s what got me here, and I never want to lose that young and hungry Colonel who spent all his time perfecting fried chicken”

Gen-Z Colonel Sanders with the signature pose. Source: AdAge
Mixed reaction from the fans

Although this is clearly a small marketing ‘joke’ tipped to blow, it looks like the feedback from the people are not as clear. A few people are enjoying it while it lasts, but others think it’s very ‘sour’.

Under the Colonel’s first Instagram post, some comments read:

“Your new advertisement are disturbing”. “Who is the intern running this account?”, one user asked. “What the h*ll is going on”, many others read.

“Stop trying to make the colonel Sanders hot please. I’m disturbed”

Conversely, the few who are getting the point, are really enjoying it.
“This is what the kids like today, I know because I’m young too 🤪😎”, one person commented. “When you are 20 and 70 years old at the same time”, a follower joked too.

Whatever the reaction is, there’s really no stopping now for the new Colonel ‘Hemsworth’ Sanders.

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