Courtney Adamo, blogger, criticized for selling parenting course

Influencing comes with many perks, monetizing a talent being at the top. But it didn’t sit well with many, when mom blogger, Courtney Adamo, put out a parenting course online for sale. The five-week “collaborative e-course on family lifestyle”, priced at $175 has people asking; “Aren’t your viewers getting exactly all of this from your Instagram account, which is monetized as well but free to access?”

Courtney Adamo is a mother of five and has written numerous parenting blogs on different websites

She started her account barely two years ago. Having traveled the world from Tokyo, to Uruguay and all the way to Los Angeles. Then last year, they settled finally in Australia.

Gradually, she’s built her family- themed Instagram account to almost 300,000 followers, and a fleet of sponsorship deals.

And just a week ago, she added up to her income flow by launching a new course, “In the Loop.” In an Instagram video with her family, she captioned:

“I’m beyond excited to launch my new e-course: In The Loop! It’s the culmination of 14 years of parenting, blogging and travelling experience, plus 3 intense months of planning, writing, filming and collaborating.”


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“Each week, for five weeks, I will cover an essential theme: Family, Home, Food, Travel and Lifestyle”, she added.


Courtney Adamo, mom blogger, criticized for selling parenting course

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Courtney explained how subscribers would receive their coursework.

“Each week, subscribers will receive a newsletter into their inbox…this looks a bit like a mini magazine — roughly 30 pages of exclusive images, lessons I’ve learned, tips & tricks, thoughts, resources and a take-home exercise each week,” she said.

She added that there would be three videos on each of the themes stated. These would include “how to tutorials”, sit down interviews with “experts” and a ‘Q & A’ session on each topic.

“Adamo added that her online course is ‘completely unsponsored’ but will offer ‘exclusive discounts’ to some of her favorite brands”, Buzzfeed reported.


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While several fans were happy, sending congratulatory messages, others are not too excited about Courtney’s new money move.

“Aren’t your viewers getting exactly all of this from your instagram account, which is monetized as well but free to access?”, one asked.

I find it just a little dangerous to push the idea that your lifestyle is obtainable by taking your e-course when really in all actuality it’s because you can afford said lifestyle”, another skeptical one added.

“Would also add Mrs Adamo is not a trained kids educator…”, a user said

“Isn’t family lifestyle something we want to each develop with our own families rather than copying someone else’s?” one person asked. “It seems like an odd thing to make into a business.”

Courtney responds to comments; says she does believe she’s been fortunate– not privileged

“Obviously the concept of privilege is completely subjective,” she said to Buzzfeed. “But I think that, sadly, it makes some people feel better to explain away my happiness by making false statements about the incredible privilege I must have.”

Furthermore, Courtney says she’s not trying to tell people to live like her, but is also ready to fuse in others’ experiences.

“It’s also a two-way street. I’m just as excited to learn from the participants, from their experiences and about their go-to resources”

All in all she’s excited about her project and has ‘brushed off’ all ‘haters’ and critics.

Plus, it seems many people are with the program as she can boast of over 300 subscribers already! You can purchase this course on her website.

Way to go Court 😉

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