Dead Australian Influencer under attack by Instagram Trolls

The internet is good for everything but this! After barely a week of her death, 20-year old Australian Influencer is being mocked. Sinead Mcnamara was found dead in Greece, on a £108-million yacht, owned by a Mexican billionaire.



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Sinead was allegedly found “tangled in ropes” on the yacht. The young influencer was working as a crew member on the yacht for 4 months. She was said to be “dancing on chairs and downing cocktails” hours before she is believed to have taken her own life last Friday.

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But the internet isn’t taking it easy on Sinead– they’re killing the dead again with words

Trolls have taken over Mcnamara’s Instagram profile, to spew a lot of negativity.
“You lived for attention, now you’ve got it”, one foul user said.“Unfortunately the steep price you pay with lifestyles like this,” another added. “She tried to ball on some old rich perv money, fucking LOL”, “She is dead because of her bad choices and the company she held,” along with many other vile comments.

“She is dead because of her bad choices and the company she held”


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However, some friends and followers came to her defence

All good is not lost, as some people wrote some nice things to shake off the trolls.

“To the people who really knew and loved you the most, you were so much more than an Instagram model. You were a best friend, a daughter, a sister, and someone who always went out and chased what she wanted. Thank you for helping to shape me into the person I am today… we will meet again someday”.

“To all the horrible people thinking she did anything bad she hadn’t done a bad thing in her life this girl. She was best friends with my older brother and I’ve never known a sweeter girl. Yes she showed off her body but why wouldn’t she? Girls are told to love your body exactly as it is. And that’s what she did. She loved every thing about the world including herself,” another friend wrote.

“To the people who really knew and loved you the most, you were so much more than an Instagram model”

 “This morning I woke up to some very devastating news, that I had lost a friend of mine. I’ll never forget spending our time surfing together, tanning and getting absolutely smashed in the shore breakers. I am lucky to have spent my last years of high school with you – and you sure as hell made your short time on earth one to remember. Fly high you free spirit.”

Others even find the suicide allegation ‘suspicious’

Reports are stating that Mcnamara committed suicide. But some people have raised eyebrows over this. “It was said on the news on radar the boat has been travelling away as fast as it ever has! Something really suspicious and someone knows something”, one follower commented. “I understand your point, however she had invited her mom and sister to visit and she was excited and happy about them coming. It feels wrong, I don’t believe she tried to kill her self at all. Something happened on that boat”, another said.


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Boats & tequila💁🏼‍♀️

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Dead Australian Influencer under attack by Instagram Trolls

“She was on her last shift and was planning to meet up with her mother and sister, who had been on their way to Greece at the time. The young model had been looking forward to their visit, posting an upbeat message on social media just days before her death”, the West Australian wrote.

“Happy birthday to the most amazing big sister I could ever ask for, 5 days till I get to see you!!! Excitement is an understatement”, she wrote.

Moreover, the police are yet to confirm all rumors concerning Sinead’s mysterious death. A local coroner confirmed to Daily Mail that the cause of the Instagram star’s death was hanging, but said results from additional tests could take months to come back.

No suicide note has been found on board the superyacht.

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