Desi Bridezilla, responds after “accused” of misleading followers

A few days ago, a Pakistani blogger called out some social media influencers for ‘deception’. Rebellious Brownie, in an IG video, advised users to be careful when taking product reviews from influencers. She cited a particular example– where an ‘undisclosed product’ was falsely recommended by a certain influencer. Although she mentioned no names publicly,  Desi Bridezilla, has stepped up claiming to be the one in question. Also through an IG video, she responded– saying she felt ‘attacked’.


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Desi Bridezilla owns up to the claims!

Whew, is it winter already? Because it seems the war just began!

It’s barely a week after Pakistani blogger, Rebellious Brownie, went viral for stating some ‘facts’ about the influencer industry. She implied, recalling her own experience, that some influencers go round recommending ‘bad products’ to their followers.

“A couple of weeks back an agency reached out to me to review a product. After using the product I told the agency that I will not review the product because I do not like it, and that if they want an honest review I can do that. The agency said no…”, she narrated.

She added that she spoke to a few other influencers who were reviewing the same product– urging them to be honest about it. However, they paid no heed and gave good reviews on their Instagrams anyway! One of them even went on to delete an IG comment Brownie left to discredit the product.

However, one lifestyle/ travel blogger– Jaweriah Shahbaz or @desibridezilla, seems to think she’s the one being referred to!

“I feel bullied…Although Naiha did not name and shame me up front, but when people inboxed asking her who it was, she told them that it was me”


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Never hear one side of the story. Be responsible for sharing what you share. No offence to anyone.

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In the Instagram video above, Desi defends herself, saying there’s two sides to the story

“That was very unethical”, she said of Brownie’s accusations. In an Instagram Live, the influencer said her side of the story.

Firstly, she denied ever being advised to ‘not recommend’ the product!

“We first spoke about the product (which is a laptop), when we [influencers] were unboxing. She asked if I was reviewing the product and I said yes – and that’s when she was reviewing it too. And that was it. We never spoke about it after. When she says [in her video] she stopped me [from posting a positive review] like she did with everyone else, she did not do that with me”, Bridezilla revealed in the video.

Then, she spoke about how she did review the laptop herself– together with her husband.

“When I received the product, I checked the touch, the flap, etc. I also asked my husband to look over it as I had to return it and also because he is a tech person and we had to review the product from a layman’s perspective. He explained ROM and RAM to me”, she said.

Desi continued by pointing out that “other bloggers who reviewed the product specifically mentioned that the speed of the laptop was slow”.

“A few people personally reached out to me asking about the product and I guided them on what would be best suited to their needs. Everyone needs products according to their budget”, she added.

“I’m not here to compare I’m only here to review the product”

desi bridezilla
The post where Desi Bridezilla reviews the ‘bad’ laptop. Source: Instagram– @desibridezilla
Desi Bridezilla, hits back after being “accused” of misleading followers

Finally, about the ‘comment’ she deleted under her post, Bridezilla says it was unintentional and she explained to Brownie herself.

“She posted a vague comment under my review, I deleted it without reading it properly. I inboxed her [Naiha] that I did not use the product because I had not checked the speed, my husband had. I also wrote I’m sorry I had to delete [your comment] because the agency had asked me to — that was one lie I added because I did not want to be on bad terms with her. She did not reply to me”, she said.

“So when she specified about the confrontation that is totally false and a lie. I don’t know how she can go on such a big platform and lie so bluntly…”

“Please always get to know both sides of the story before making any judgement. And if you ever feel bullied speak up. I felt bullied. I was quiet for two days, it was killing me inside because I knew that if I haven’t done anything wrong then why am I quiet?”, she concluded.

Fans have sided with Desi so far, but Brownie seems to have thrown a shot too

“Hugs and prayers your way!💯🤗 Any kind of bullying is not justified or ethical. People need to realize that no one is superior to another specially when they both are in the same profession. Hope you guys get to sort it out! Stay strong💕”, one fan said.

“I think everyone has personal choices and like, dislikes .so, what the big deal if the same thing doesn’t suit you , understand each other are different and be genuine”, another said.

However, Rebellious Brownie may have sent a shot in her IG story this morning.

“l am amazed and shocked at how low someone can go. Kindly stop threatening me in my dms babe. I don’t have anything to say to you and I won’t even reply anymore”, it read.

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