Disabled fitness influencer shares inspiring workout videos

A disabled fitness influencer, Jay Manuel, is not holding back! Jay, who has type three osteogenesis imperfecta, has already broken 200 bones to exercise. Yet, the music producer/ influencer has vowed to keep going. Even with limited flexibility, she shares the most shocking workout videos.


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Jay, who goes on Instagram as @rolloutfitness, is only 23. But she’s busting moves that inspire people all around the world!

Her condition is ‘a brittle bone disorder that affects her height and her ability to walk’, as Metro Co UK explains. In fact, she uses a wheelchair to move about. Moreover, with her exercise routine, she’s at risk at breaking more bones– having undergone over 22 surgeries for breaking 200+ already.

Yet, Jay does not regard her disability as one. On the other hand, she feels more empowered that she posts several fitness routines on her Instagram, on a regular basis.

Disabled fitness influencer shares inspiring workout videos

Talking to Metro Co UK, Jay explained that she has a strong spirit and likes to live life to the fullest.

“A lot of times I’ve noticed that disability is seen as such a negative thing that people tend to tell me they feel bad for me or think my life is not as happy because of my disorder”, she said.

“Even though I may have to do certain things differently, I would say having osteogenesis imperfecta has taught me to adapt and contributed a lot to the type of person I am in a positive way”

Meanwhile her passion for fitness is not merely for popularity, but because she actually needs it. She explained that so far, fitness has helped her condition greatly.

“Being in shape and working out is what allows me to be able to move around as easily as I do and without that there would be a lot more dependency on others”, she pointed out.


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Do you like going to the gym alone or with others better? 🏋🏾‍♀️

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And for Instagram, Jay joined the platform because she felt she had to share her truth, and transformation with the world.

“I created the page @rolloutfitness because I didn’t see anyone that looked like me that was working out. I wanted to keep myself motivated by making it public and holding myself accountable.”

“It’s important for me to be able to show other people that it’s possible… I like working out because it proves that I can do it”

Aside being a fitness influencer beyond all odds, Jay doubles as a music producer

Yup! Jay is not only creative in the gym, she’s also a beast in the studio. The influencer spends a sweet part of her time creating melodic tunes for rising artistes– both young and old. Sometimes, she has so much fun in the studio that she sings her own music.

In fact she has another Instagram account, @miniproducer, where she’s amassed almost 14,000 followers for this talent.


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More than an inspiration! Follow Jay Manuel on both @rolloutfitness and @miniproducer for more 😉

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