“I was a Dreamer!” – Female Investment Banker becomes Travel Blogger

Kristin Addis, 31, from Southern California, quits her high flying job as investment banker to travel (actually backpack) around the world. But what she didn’t expect: She’s living her dream while earning more than she has ever done…as a Travel Blogger!

“I was the one who spent hours searching the weather and capital cities of far-off places around the world, just to imagine how it would feel to be there. For example, I used to write imaginative stories and paint all the time. I was a dreamer”, Kristin writes in her travel blog.

When she had to decide about her future, she suppressed her passion for travelling the world and chose a stable career. A big mistake…

“I worked as an investment banker for four years in Newport Beach, which burned me out and pushed me to make a change. So… I sold my belongings and, armed with nothing but a carry-on bag and no company but my own, became a solo female traveler.”


Ever since, she has traveled to almost 60 countries, on nearly every continent.
She has set up her own website Be My Travel Muse, a page for like-minded travelers who want an enriching cultural experience when they travel.

The travel blogger explains on her site: “I never had a trust fund, and never thought of myself as particularly brave. But five years later, I’m still traveling the globe and sharing the exact way that I do it on this blog.”

“I used to write imaginative stories and paint all the time. I was a dreamer”

She travels the world completely on her own, which can be a blessing, but at the same time a nightmare.

“The one thing that never gets easier for me is eating alone, but it’s worth the upside of solo travel! I’ve learned so much more about myself, gained confidence and problem-solving abilities.  I’ll never have to wonder what if, because I honoured what I wanted in every moment and that’s an incredible gift”, she told the Evening Standard.

Kristin Addis has now 114,000 Instagram followers and is an official “Influencer”, which helps her to make a living out of her adventures.

But we have one question left: Would she ever go back to a “normal” Job?

“I want (travelling) to be a part of my life for as long as I’m able to move,” she said.
“Exploration is what makes me feel alive and it isn’t something I get tired of, at least not yet. I sometimes work more hours at a time now than I did at my old job (which was more like 8-7). But it’s not about the hours, it’s about the freedom. I wouldn’t go back to working for anyone else, I know that for sure.”

For more information about her tours, visit https://www.bemytravelmuse.com/tours/. To see Kristen’s YouTube channel, click here.

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