FIBO 2019– What went down: Hottest chicks, Highlights and more!

The FIBO 2019 event took place in Cologne, Germany, from April 4th to 7th. Viewed as the biggest fitness and health trade event, this year’s did not come short. Stages were graced by top fitness gurus in the game, Jen Selter and Ulisses Jr, for instance. Plus it was so much fun with a couple of surprises to go with it. Let’s look at some highlights:


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Heavy influencer attendance of influencers at FIBO 2019

Yes the show had over a thousand exhibitors and thousands more of attendees, yet our Insta stars stood out most.

Both male and female fitness influencers were there to meet their fans, as well as hold talks with their audience. Jay Cutler, Dennis Wolf, Sergi Constance, Michelle Lewin and Lauren Drain were among the list.

In fact, the event saw over 150 influencers, each at their own booth/stand.

“And they offered everything: from “protein fluff”, which is whipped egg whites served like an ice cream in the cup, to sugar-free ketchup and vegan pizza crumbs, to protein cheesecake or insect repellent sports bars – ground beetles and worms are fresh imported from small farmers from Thailand”, RP Online wrote.

Improvements in everything gym-related

Some of the most interesting presentations at the FIBO 2019, had to do with gym advancements.

For instance, Sony came through and showed out with their latest SONY Startup Acceleration Program addition called ADVAGYM.

“Advagym uses a time-of-flight sensor on strength machines to record repetitions, sets and speed of motion. Users simply touch their phone to the sensor ‘puck’ to start tracking their workout in real time, with statistics automatically uploaded to the Advagym app”, PRnewswire wrote.

“Advagym increases interaction and communication with users, and boost motivation by creating customised training programs and providing feedback on progress”, they further wrote.

Brilliant huh?


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Put the gym ahead of the game and boost member loyalty with Advagym!

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Then there were also some updated techniques to what we already know. Hopping from trampoline to trampoline, is one example. The Austrians of “Alpha Champ” introduced this new, fun style of hopping, which ‘combines lateral rebound training with three of them, allowing athletes to hop happily back and forth between them’.

Another was by the Spanish company “Pavigym”, who plan to get us fit even with the floor. Just like jumping boxes, Pavigym’s idea is to paint shapes on the floor which one would have to hop in and out of.

Under this playground optics, however, ‘is a modern, computer-controlled fitness system for adults, complete with light, sound and extensive tracking’, Generation Iron wrote.


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Jon Jones chokes fan per fan’s own request!

One of the craziest things to watch at FIBO 2019 was this one!

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had the most bizzare request from a fan; when he asked the champ to choke him. Aside wanting to know if it was real, he pretty much just wanted a video of the experience

“He put the squeeze on a fan who was more than willing to find out what it felt like”

And as expected, went unconscious. But it was nothing serious, he was revived and it all ended in a good laugh.

Heavy blow: Felix Sturm gets arrested

Uh-oh! Things took an unexpected turn when former professional boxing champion, Felix Sturm, got approached by the police.

Reports say that it’s over an issue of tax evasion. “Sturm had mainly been in Bosnia since 2016, home to his family, and was not available to the officials. The five-time title holder apparently paid a visit to FIBO because he advertises for a sports equipment manufacturer”, RP Online wrote.


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He was taken into custody by the Cologne police, when spotted at the event. And so far, nothing on the case is certain. However, recent charges against him for testing positive for illegal substances, have been dropped.

The hottest chicks & hunks at the FIBO event

Last but not least, FIBO 2019 went down with a lot of ‘eye-candy’ to watch. The event was packed with hot fitness influencers and regular attendees, it was so hard to turn a blind eye. Take a look!


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