FITBOOK hold inspirational discussion at just ended FIBO 2019

FIBO is the biggest fitness event in the industry of fitness influencing. And the 2019 edition was super fun! It took place in Cologne, Germany, last weekend, and there’s been so much to talk about since. Yet, one of the things that stood out at FIBO, was a discussion organized by FITBOOK. Let’s get into it!


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First things first, FIBO was a bop!

It is the world’s largest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. Being one of the many that have held in the past, this year’s was pretty special. It was a complete package of — physio, aqua fitness, interior, sports nutrition, fashion, cardio & strength, wellness & beauty, operational health management and so many others.

For that matter, a large number of fitness gurus were in attendance. Stephanie Davis, Ulisses Jr, Michelle Lewin, Jen Selter and Dennis Wolf are a few of the big names that made an appearance.

Meanwhile, thousands of people trooping in to the event from Friday, April 5 to Sunday the 7th. Safe to say FIBO was a success.

There was also a big exhibition for fitness, beauty and wellness brands.

FITBOOK: Presentation & Motivational Tips

FITBOOK had its reps present at the FIBO 2019. After a rather short presentation, TV presenter Laura Wontorra led the way into a very interesting discussion.

Fitness trainer Mareike Spaleck, master trainer Alex Hipwell, and fitness scientist Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Geisler were the special guests. And their main topic was– Motivation.

Dr Geisler took the stand to point out the two types of motivation: Intrinsic and extrinsic. Now with this, he explained that ‘Intrinsic motivation’ is the true motivation. This is because it makes sure that you do things (eg sports) that you really feel like doing.
Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is about improving one’s appearance; and this is normally from the outside.

With that in focus, Alex Hipwell advised to “not pay too much attention to social media”. Rather, he urges us to  look at ourselves and our goals.

“It is important to find something YOU like! You do not have to definitely go to the gym, if you simply enjoy jogging, you just go jogging”

Mareike Spaleck then added her own tip which was similar to the others. She said : “Do not compare yourself to Fitchicks on Instagram and other social media channels.”

Dr Geisler added, that being in the gym everyday is not healthy or necessary. He indicated that it could cause overload damage.


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Another highlight of the FITBOOK discussion was on goals, weaknesses and strengths

Still on the topic of motivation, Spaleck recommended that we set individual goals before starting any fitness journey.

“Find a sport that moves YOU,” she said, adding that we shouldn’t lose hope along the line.

“Dealing with yourself is the worst thing. Going to the sport once a week is just as valuable as two or seven times. Just be at peace with yourself! “

Furthermore, Alex chipped in with a point on setting targets.

“Formulate a new goal, take a first step and, above all, do not expect too much at once.”

He continued: “Look at your day, when do you have the most energy? You are more of an evening person? Then go to the training in the evening!”

“Do not think too much about what others might think about you. Nobody looks at you in the gym! “

Spaleck again said that continuity is the key to achieving goals. “Do not set up any 4- or 12-week plans. Care for a good workout that is not limited in time,” she advised.

Even if we cannot afford a coach, staying connected to the goal is all that’s needed.

“In the end it’s all about mental strength and routine. Similar to brushing your teeth, where we also have to get up. Every day we should say to our muscles: Hey, I still need you!”

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A final highlight of the talk was when Dr Geisler reminded all that fitness was not only about going to the gym, it is about health too.

He says that we need to educate adolescents on the importance of muscles and exercise to our health itself, not just the appearance.

“We have to think of fitness as a savings account where you can deposit and withdraw. Of course, taking off is more fun, but depositing – for me, the hated climbing stairs, to which I force myself from time to time – is just damn important”, he concluded.

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