Food Blogger, Kate Ovens, gobbles up 50oz burger in a restaurant challenge!

WHAT? Popular British food blogger, Kate Ovens, shocks all after an epic restaurant eating contest. The blogger, who has over 67,000 followers, ate up a humongous plate of burgers, and filmed it all for her Facebook. And oh, the full platter of beef patties also came with fries!

First off, Kate is not new to this. The blogger is one of the daring ones, who takes on several Man Vs Food challenges. And this was the time for the burgers.

Her visit to Libertine Burger in Leamington Spa had her walking into a challenge she wasn’t prepared for. But the 24 year old proved all wrong, after she ate up nine (9) heavy beef burger patties with cheese, salad and gherkins, along with a large side of fries.

And she did finished this up in 22 minutes!

Although a bit taken at first by the sight of the meal, Kate still went in

“I am at Libertine Burger in Leamington Spa and they have created this absolute monstrosity of a thing, which I think is nine patties”, she said.

Moments after, she got her act together and quickly ate up the first few patties. In fact, she declared the meat was ‘so tasty’.

Midway down the meal, however, she began to slow down, and hustle a bit with eating.

“I can feel all the meat,” she explained. “I feel like it’s coming out through my cheeks.”

But the blogger did not give up! Kate completed the challenge by clearing the entire tray of 50oz burgers in an incredible 22 minutes!

After this was over, the blogger admitted this was a tough one, as the burger was the biggest she’d ever had.

“It’s the biggest burger I’ve ever completed…I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I definitely wasn’t as prepared for the challenge as I usually am.”


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But she’s a pro at her game, adding this to her long list of food challenge achievements

Earlier in August this year, Kate smashed through an enormous 3kg Doner Kebab sandwich. Then she finished a 74oz steak at M Restaurant, in legendary style. Moreover, in October she won a breakfast challenge consisting of 10 pieces of toast, 5 bacon, 5 sausages, 5 eggs, 5 portions of beans, 5 mushrooms and a bed of potato & onion hash.

The blogger, who started doing challenges three years ago, says her trick to being able to eat all this food is “going in hungry”. She added that having different sauces available also helps. “During the burger challenge, it helped to have a dollop of ketchup on my plate to change up the flavours every so often”, she revealed.

“I know it’s controversial, but I exercise and try and eat as healthily as I can the rest of the time. It’s all about balance.”



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Food Blogger, Kate Ovens, gobbles up 50oz burger in a restaurant challenge!

And as far as her fans go, best believe that Kate is loved by all. Her social media is always flooded with comments from her followers cheering her on.

“You’re amazing”, “a beautiful woman with legendary abilities”, “You are a legend, how do you stay in great shape!!”, are a few of the numerous comments appreciating the blogger.

Watch Kate Ovens do the burger challenge here.

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