Forbes release five influencer marketing steps to not take in 2019

Influencer marketing is at the heart of today’s advertisement scene. And it is no secret that so far, some techniques have worked while others have disappointed. In a recent publication, Forbes put out some of these ‘not-so-great’ steps we must avoid, to make influencer marketing work this year. Here they are:

Forbes release five influencer marketing steps to not take in 2019

1. Prioritizing Follower Count Over Engagement

The first thing Forbes touched on was the issue of social media engagement. Often, individuals and brands like to use the number of followers an influencer has, to make judgement. However, Forbes says that this method is essentially inadequate when it comes to making a decision on which influencer to hire.

“Follower counts do matter, but the real magic is in the engagement rate: comments, shares, likes, etc”, they wrote.

With the engagement rate, you can see how “responsive an influencer’s audience is to their content, which can help determine return on investment (ROI) and establish a benchmark for success”, they continued.

We couldn’t agree more; especially now that fake followers are just a dollar away!

2. Forgetting About Instagram’s ‘Link In Profile’ Feature

Yes, it’s true that ‘Instagram stories’ is the biggest thing now, but we cannot ignore the traditional procedure with leaving links in ‘bio’s or profiles.

Forbes made a sound argument when they said the ‘link in profile’ option for Instagram is “critical for posts that appear in the main Instagram feed”.

To be able to put a link in a story requires you having at least 10,000 followers. So for smaller influencers, like the micro and nano ones– who are the next big thing, link in profile is the way to go!


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Forbes release five influencer marketing steps to not take in 2019

3. Ignoring Paid Advertising On Facebook

Facebook ads is gradually taking over as the go-to for product/services advertisement. With its ability to streamline audience to accurately targeted people, it’s totally worth it.

And according to Forbes, “the audience potential is high” on Facebook since it’s the world’s biggest social media platform.

“Influencer posts can be boosted with paid support, which means you can reap the benefits of the authentic, credible content that resonates with today’s audiences, along with the visibility and metrics provided by Facebook’s ad structure”

4. Not Researching Influencer Audience Demographics

Nope, this year we’re not doing that! Before we get down to business with any influencer, it is important to do some background check on their kind of audience and niche.

“It’s easy to assume that a millennial lifestyle influencer has an audience that’s comprised mainly of millennials who are interested in lifestyle topics, but your targeting work shouldn’t stop at analyzing the influencer”, the publication advised.

Instead, we should delve more into the demographics of the influencer’s follower base. How old are their followers generally? Are they mostly men or women? Where are they located? What are their interests?

These things have been made even easier, by working with influencer agencies and influencer audience insight tools.


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5. Assuming Influencer-Created Video Content Is Expensive

Lastly, Forbes touched on the usual assumptions brands make–“it’s expensive”.

“Our clients often come to us with preconceptions about the cost of influencer content, particularly video creation. People tend to think the best way to get seen is to partner with a high-profile YouTuber when, in fact, video doesn’t have to be expensively produced or shared by a top creator to resonate with audiences”, Forbes wrote.

But in actual sense, it’s relatively cheaper to use videos to reach your audience. And these days, anyone– no matter how small they seem, can make the most compelling videos to push a brand.

“Campaigns can be structured so brands own or have rights to influencer-created images, video and custom content like recipes or home decor tutorials, extending reach and ROI over time”

“From storytelling to photography to video and everything in-between, influencer content usually costs far less than a creative agency, and it has the authenticity that consumers overwhelmingly prefer, they added.

So by paying attention to these steps, your influencer marketing campaign would work best for you without even having to do much.

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