Super-fun interview with Lawyer & Blogger, @thechicadvocate

How many lawyer bloggers do you know? 1? 2? None maybe? Well, this is the first time INfleur interviews a young, awesome blogger who’s also a lawyer! Her name is Priscilla and she blogs about everything you could think of. Known on Instagram and on her blog as, ‘thechicadvocate‘, Priscy loves to share.
She shares beauty tips, fashion trends, lifestyle hacks, DIYs, her travels and even food recipes! This Swiss beauty is a full house as she also does ambassadorial duties. Let’s dive into the world of thechicadvocate, as she answers our top 12 questions…


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INfleur : Share with us your best experience so far.

Priscy: My best experience was when I decided to change my blog-name and design last summer, I got so many messages and so much support from everyone.
This was when my blogging journey started to be something huge.

INfleur : Where would you rather be and be doing what right now?

Priscy: I would love to be in the US or in Japan, these are my two destinations I plan to travel to soon. Just to travelling around and discover the world we live in.

INfleur : Name one influencer within your space that inspires you.

Priscy: There are of course a few influencers who actually inspire me. But I enjoy it most to follow Blogger Bazaar from Germany.
Both of them are just very entertaining and at the same time they manage it to cover important topics as well.

INfleur : Which kind of music do you listen to, favorite musician?

Priscy: I listen to different kinds of music. Since I was a teenage girl I really enjoy techno music. And I’m still very into Brit Pop and 90’s sound. But then I also like to listen to popular musicians like Rihanna, Drake or JB as well.

INfleur :  What would you rather do when free; Go on a date or Netflix and Chill?

Priscy: I would go on a date of course. I love to go out and having fun.

“I have made so many decisions without thinking too much about them and they always went better than I ever expected”.

INfleur :  Anything else you wanted to be aside a blogger?

Priscy: I’m actually very happy with my internship in a law firm. When I’m older I will start a business on my own.

Priscilla showing her popping style. Source: Instagram
INfleur :  What are some of the challenges you face as a blogger?

Priscy: First of all, it’s the time management, but actually I haven’t any struggles with this anymore.
But especially in Switzerland, where I live, there are a lot of people who don’t know what bloggers are doing or better still, how we work. This is sometimes challenging, because they can’t see the hard work behind a blog or social media channel.

Interview with thechicadvocate

INfleur :  Most interesting celebrity gossip you have heard all year.

Priscy: Jelena is back!!!

INfleur :  Who is your celebrity crush?

Priscy: Well, there are several too. I really enjoy the acting and personality of Leighton Meester, she’s not forcing it too much like others. If you ask me who my favorite celebrity hottie is, it’s Justin Bieber. This is because he managed to do his own thing and took his music to the next level. I didn’t like him or his music before 2016 though.

Go for the (rose) gold #madeforsummer #SunglassHutPartner ??

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INfleur :  If you were stuck on earth, name three things you wouldn’t be able to live without.

Priscy: First of all, my family. I simply couldn’t live with the people I love most.
Second, I can’t live without my daily doses of chocolate ^^
Last but not least my Camera, photography is my passion, since I begun blogging.

“In Switzerland, where I live, there are a lot of people who don’t know what bloggers are doing or better still, how we work”.

INfleur :  Brief us on one life changing experience you have had.

Priscy:  During my apprenticeship, I was very unhappy with my job. So one day our teacher told us, there would be a way to join a class that builds the opportunity to go directly to university after graduation.
But it was only one day left for the registration. Without thinking twice, I signed up. Nobody around my was really happy after I told them. This was the first time I decided something without overthinking. And it worked!
I graduated and now 7 years later, I already finished studying. Since then, I have made so many decisions without thinking too much about them and they always went better than I ever expected. For example, I started a blog, three years ago.

Priscilla in Switzerland, where she lives. Source: Instagram 
INfleur : Finally, coin a saying by yourself for us all.

Priscy: Do never forget to live your dreams, they’re worth it.

Do never forget to live your dreams, they’re worth it.

thechicadvocate, 2018

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