Get to know super-talented Photographer, Sandra Juto

It’s a lovely Thursday and as usual, we have an amazing interview to share! Today, we set it off with an exclusive interview with the ever-gifted Sandra Juto.
Sandra is Swedish yet lives in Berlin. What you don’t know is, she represents more than you could ever imagine. Aside being a photographer, she’s an illustrator, an online shop owner, an artist and a crocheter! Sandy’s also quite the cook! On her personal blog, Sandy writes about everything including her personal life. Some of her favorite things to do is taking long walks, exploring restaurants and drinking coffee.
She started her own line of handmade yarn gloves called Wrist Worm in 2008. Such a complete superwoman! Let’s now get to know more about Sandra’s personal life, opinions and interests…


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 Infleur: Favorite time of the year? Why?

Sandra: It’s always been the Autumn. I love the smells, the crisp air, the feeling of something new starting at the same time as nature is fading into Winter. Those contrasts fascinate and inspire me. 

 Infleur: Where would you rather be and be doing what right now?

Sandra: I would love to have dinner with my mother, anywhere really, we live way too far away from each other. 

 Infleur: What is your most valued belonging?

Sandra: The key to my apartment!

Sandra Juto
Sandra Juto goofing around with yarn
 Infleur: What meal do you cook best?

Sandra: The Swedish over the top party food: Sandwich cake! View Sandra Juto’s sandwich cake. It’s a savory cake with everything in and on it. It’s even better the day after the party, cures the worst hangover in a second.

 Infleur: Name one influencer within your space that inspires you.

Sandra: @dialaskitchen! Diala shows food and the world in so many beautiful ways and she seems like a really nice and positive person. We’ve been following each other on Instagram for some years now and I’m always smiling when she posts something new. 

 Infleur: Anything else you wanted to be aside a blogger?

Sandra: I do so many other things already, that I find it hard to explain to people what it is that “I actually do”. These days I work not only as a blogger, but also as an instagrammer, graphic designer, crocheter, artist, illustrator, photographer and online shop owner. 

Interview with Sandra Juto

Infleur: Who is your celebrity crush?

Sandra: Neil Tennant, Pet Shop Boys singer. Since I was 13 years old! Will never forget when I took my husband to his first Pet Shop Boys concert, we were standing in the front row and Mr. Tennant started flirting with him. The 13 year old Sandra inside of me felt a tiny bit of jealousy. 

Infleur: Name one downside of blogging.

Sandra: The stress I sometimes feel about not being able to respond to all questions coming in via emails and comments. People can get a bit upset, but in the end I’m a one person business, so it’s impossible for me to meet everyone’s needs.

Infleur: Brief us on one life changing experience you have had.

Sandra: It was the day when I realized I had to accept myself, it actually happened as late as last year. I accepted that I am who I am and that I have the right to say no to anything that doesn’t feel good to me. 

Infleur: Stuck on earth alone, name three things you must have with you.

Sandra: A library, a pen and lots of papers. I want to read other people’s stories as well as creating my own – both written and illustrated.

Sandra Juto

Infleur: Tell us about one favorite childhood memory.

Sandra: The day I walked home from school at the age of around 7. It was in the very north of Sweden, the sun was shining and it was snow everywhere. All of a sudden my dad shows up with a dog. My blue merle collie dog Kim. 

I realized I had to accept myself. I accepted that I am who I am and that I have the right to say no to anything that doesn’t feel good to me. 

Infleur: Coin an interesting saying for us all by yourself.

Sandra: “Sex, drugs & Pet Shop Boys”.

Amanda Lucy


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