Elise Crigar: Artsy Influencer on Four Wheels

“I believe in creating content that speaks volumes and breaks ground. I believe in work that empowers, inspires and ignites others to gain perspective and harness this energy.”


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Where’s your happy place?🏄‍♀️💛 Photo by @tarynkentphoto

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Elise Crigar, the new rising female skateboard star on Instagram. She’s not only an amazingly talented artist, photographer, social media specialist, and skateboarder at heart. She is also an activist for the love of skateboarding and empowering women to get out there, follow their dreams and show the guys that girls can not only look pretty but also kickass.


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🌼 #monday

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“Be driven and strong! If you want something bad enough, you can have it. There’s nothing worse than people that say something is hard or scary and won’t even give it a try. Sometimes it takes a few fails and falls, but it’s worth it if it’s something you love.”

For as long as she can remember, Elise has been a creative spirit. So turning her passion for fine art and design into something practical was simply a logic choice. Because she was growing up in California near to a surfer beach, her fascination for women in board Sports developed at a very young age. Yet, Surfing didn’t get her. Her big love became skateboarding. However, hanging around skate-parks seeing her male friends skate wasn´t enough! She was tired of hearing that girls can’t drop in. That’s when a fire sparked, and Elise wanted to prove them wrong.

As time passed, Skateboarding became more than a passion. It became a way of living. Through the process of learning and taking risks, she grew strong and learned a lot…not only about skating but also about life. She had to accept a lot of setbacks and falls, but getting back up helped her to grow and be more confident. On her blog she writes: “And that’s just One Thing that I’ve learned!”


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Throwback to that one time I made a book.💓👉🏻 @itsnotaboutpretty Author @sportsstylist Photos @ianloganphoto #ItsNotAboutPretty

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In between, Elise earned her degree in graphic design, and soon she ventured into fine arts and photography, inspired by the surf and skate lifestyle.

Her amazingly creative outlet hit the nerve of several lifestyles, surf, and skate brands. Then, a perfect symbiosis came when Elise had the chance to work with one of her idols, skateboarding legend Cindy Whitehead.  She acquired Elise to design a stylistic coffee table book, showcasing solely imagery of girls skateboarding called “It’s Not About Pretty.” The first comprehensive photography book that showcases the female empowerment skateboarding brings to girls and women, alike. Besides, Christmas Holidays are coming, so it’s the perfect time for a good lecture 🙂



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A day at the bay with @pennyskateboards 💛 Film @georgetrimm

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Elise went on to host the “It’s Not About Pretty Girls” Skate Event at the local Kona skate-park. The reason: Raise awareness of female skateboarding. Some years ago, Elise moved to southern California. She has been working as a graphic designer, photographer and social media manager for a variety of lifestyle brands like Billabong, PennyBoard, VonZipper and VOID Magazine. With her empowering message to go out there, take risks and don’t let anyone judge you and your dreams, Elise is an inspiring personality for all of us!  I’m sure that there is an Elise Crigar in every one of us.

To learn more About Elise listen to the new podcast from Mark Brickey, click here.

Don’t hesitate to visit her on Instagram and on her blog and get inspired by her work and beautiful imagery.



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