GLOWrious 7 – #1 The pretty Shirin Gosh!

Glow_Logo_L_negativGLOW by DM is coming up everyone! Every year GLOWbyDM presents their GLOWrious 7. See the word play they used there? INfleur presents them in an exclusive series before the show! We start with Shirin Gosh!

This years #1 is Shirin Gosh! Shirin is only 21 and already has a large following. She has 11K followers on Instagram, but on YouTube is where she has her biggest audience.With her 64K subscribers she already has over 5 million video views! She’s still young, but loves to promote positivity. One of Shirin’s passions is girl power! She tries to reach as many girls as possible by sharing her own girly passion about makeup and fashion. Not only is Shirin super busy with all her Instagram and YouTube fame she still manages to go to university. She is a good example of what hard work really is!

Check out this YouTube video, where she talks about all things beauty and fashion. You’ll definitely want to go shopping after watching, we did!




Jade Becker

Jade Becker schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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