GLOWrious 7 – #6 the cool Dani! (@arrestthisgal)

Yes! It’s almost GLOW by dm time everyone. As you know we are counting down this years GLOWrious 7. We are almost at the end of the list, which also means we will soon be at GLOW by dm! Today we are excited to introduce to you Dani, better known as @arrestthisgal. She is a super cool and laid back person who has great taste in fashion.

Dani is known for her blog and YouTube channel. On her blog she posts everything regarding beauty fashion and lifestyle. She also keeps everyone up to date on her current faves. So, if you want some fashion and beauty inspo you should definitely check out her amazing blog.

Her YouTube channel is equally as cool as her blog and Instagram. The only difference is that it’s video. Dani is a super sweet and likeable girl and with her videos she shows exactly that. Not only does she post fashion and beauty videos, she also posts super funny vlogs where you really get to know her. We are super excited to see Dani at GLOW by dm and we know you can’t wait either!

Make sure you take part in our giveaway to be able to win tickets for GLOW by dm on Sunday the 5th of November.

Jade Becker

Jade Becker schreibt seit Februar 2017 für INfleur.

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