Hedoine: Get your sexy on with Europe’s newest tights brand

“She enjoys life, allows herself to be free and does not take herself too seriously”, are the attributes of a “Hedoine”. That’s what inspired two ladies, from a completely different field, to start this brand. After two months of quitting their jobs, their luxury brand is making a bold fashion statement on the German-British market. So today, INfleur sits down with Anna & Alex, the founders of Hedoine, to find out more about the brand.

Anna & Alex– founders of the Hedoine brand.

The two women, who started off with regular jobs, felt they needed to solve a problem. And the problem was with their experience from wearing tights, all those years.

Anna and I have been working in banking and consulting for many years, wearing tights to work nearly every day and always wondered, why wearing tights was always such an awful experience.

At some point, we wanted to find out if there is really nothing better in the market and did our research: firstly, we ordered tights from all over the world until the apartment looked like an Amazon warehouse.
Secondly, we found that the best quality came from Italy and thus, we flew there, rented a car, drove through the villages and talked to every producer we could find.”

Fortunately, they struck luck!

“We were lucky to find someone who was willing and crazy enough to develop with us what we had in mind: soft & seamless tights that do not ladder/run!”, they said.

As soon as they could, Anna and Alex quit their jobs and created Hedoine.

“We quit our jobs and 7 months of development later, the final product arrived!”, they said in excitement.

To them, it was important to make a fashion statement. And the outcome was amazing!

It was better than expected, we put a lot of attention to detail and asked over 100 women for their feedback. The tights come, for example, in two different slimming waistband heights, the pattern around the waist and under the toes makes them look extremely elegant and the label at the band gives them a nice finish.”



“What inspired us, was the type of woman we created it for: the Hedoine, hedonistic heroine, a strong aspirational woman who is cosmopolite, independent and unconventional. She enjoys life, allows herself to be free and does not take herself too seriously.”

Hedoine has had good feedback so far…

“We launched in September 2018, and see good traction. Women love our tights and we are already working on the next releases – for example more nude shades as well as thicker tights”, they revealed.


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When asked how they built their brand to 10K followers, the pair explained, saying they used their personal accounts initially.

“First, we transformed Anna’s old private account to the Hedoine account and as we did not have a lot of visual assets in the beginning, we documented the startup story, from the day of quitting jobs, to registration of the company to the arrival of the first product etc. Later, we archived the stories and started creating a moodboard for Hedoine, which you will still find on the @hedoineofficial page.”

“Now, that we do events, generate more content and get more and more traction and press coverage, we show this side of the story. Soon, more shootings will follow – very excited to release those pictures”, they added.

Hedoine is looking to use influencer marketing to boost sales

Anna and Alex recognize the relevance of influencer marketing. However, they highlighted the fact that getting the right influencers is a challenge.

“One challenging part is finding the right women. Sometimes, when we thought it could be a good match and reached out, the immediate answer – if any – often was ‘how much?’. That showed us, that we were wrong. We know good visuals are a lot of work and we are more than happy to compensate for great art and appreciation of the brand, but when we feel it is just about the money with zero interest in the brand, we rather keep on scouting”.

Though finding the type of women to use is hard, they’re still hopeful.

“We are looking for women who match the brand, who have the Hedoine attitude and this specific ‘edge’. We are interested in a long-term relationship, make them part of the Hedoine circle and also invite them to the exclusive events we do throughout the year”. 

“I hope we get to the point soon to pick up all these nice conversations we had with them. Now, we are happy to have found great ladies who are willing to support the brand and to grow with us. Having said that, we are still looking for more, so Hedoines out there – please reach out to iam@hedoine.com or via @hedoineofficial – the journey will be great fun, promised!”

Anna and Alex believe that authenticity is what makes Hedoine stand out.

Their hard-work and persistence is another key thing to Hedoine’s success story. The difference between Hedoine and other brands is that “we, the founders, are the brand!” 

“For us, quitting our jobs and living off the savings to make our dream – the brand Hedoine – come true, was never anything special… After we got contacted so often because of that, we started to realize, that our energy and passion affects the people around us in a good way, which is incredibly rewarding”. 

“Had you asked this question last year, we would have answered that it is the state-of-the art products and the Hedoine persona. Today, we know it is also authenticity and inspiration”


Having worked with many top brands like Porsche and Bentley, Hedoine’s best seller yet is their BOLD black tights.

They say this because black works for all occasions.

“Black tights is something you always should have in your drawer. Also, when you are unsure about the skin tone of the giftee, black is always a good decision” they explained.

Moreover, they plan to release a new set of tights by January 2019. These ones would have more colors and bigger sizes.

“Later, thicker tights will be added with cool special features that we cannot expose right now. We have 3 more surprises for 2019 and are convinced the ladies out there will absolutely love it.”

When asked about influencers they’d love to work with, they cited Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham

We are absolute fans of the elegance and ambition of Amal Clooney, the timeless and iconic style of Monica Bellucci and the creativity and personality of Victoria Beckham. 

Shifting the focus on influencer, we love the edginess and non-convention of Gilda Ambrosio, the style of Mary Orton and the shots of Micah Giannelli.


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Our models are by the way called by attributes of the Hedoine, for example THE BOLD – all black, like your humour, THE EDGY – no need to be everybody’s darling, THE NUDE – acting like a good girl… and more to come.

Finally, Anna & Alex touched on some achievements and challenges they’ve experienced, as well as the future.

So far, the ladies acknowledge their ability to raise funds in 2017 for the brand as their biggest. Conversely, overcoming what they call the “chicken-egg problem”, is their toughest challenge.

“When retail partner, influencer, investors… are liking the products and the brand, but want to wait until you grow and become famous in order to cooperate. But without them taking a step towards you, that growth is extremely hard to achieve”, they said.

“You need to be bold, creative, at times stubborn and most of all: you need to be persistent”


Nevertheless, the future holds a lot of promise and Hedoine plans to be at the top of their game, in the next five!

For 2019 we have a lot of great ideas and we cannot wait to execute them.

“We aim to become the go-to brand for innovative products around your everyday life. High quality, fashion and style combined with elegant functionality – and the little wink ;)”


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