How to start your own Clothing Brand: 10 Questions for Kacey Dirksen

19-year-old Kacey Dirksen is not only the sister of “The Tide”-Star Drew Dirksen: NO, she’s much more! Kacey is Blogger, Influencer AND founder of her very own business. She created her own clothing line and is shipping it WORLDWIDE!

It’s called: clothedinkace

“I’d say i’m not your average 19 year old. I mean I work part time at the local restaurant in my small town and go to college, but i do it all online. That’s why I have time to travel, write, and constantly work on bettering my business and myself. I love traveling. I’ve always had a passion for traveling different places and always being on the go. But… With being a full time student, working a part time job, and running my own business and blog, I’d say I am pretty busy all the time.”

Alina: You‘re 19 years old: How was that even possible to open your own business?

Kacey: “I’ve always known that i’ll never have a “real job” and that i’ll always be my own boss and I felt there was no better time to start than now. What difference will a few years make anyways? I was doing college online so I had all the time I needed. Meanwhile, I was doing a lot of research and learning a lot and decided to go full force into creating my own. Luckily, I got a lot of advice from a few different friends of mine that are in the business Industry. I just went for it. However, I’m still in college to get my degree in Small Business Management to hopefully take my little business to a much larger level. But for now a small little business is perfect for me.”

A: So let’s introduce our readers to your clothing brand… You order the clothes? Or do you make it on your own?

K: “I wanted to make a clothing line that really represented who I was as a person. To cut a long story short: I captured my style and put it into an entire line. I love the vintage look that’s easy but still looks as if you tried really hard on your outfit. My Goal was to put together a bunch of pieces that are simple, but make your whole outfit come together and allow you to really stand out. Most of the clothes are made by my suppliers, but the other clothes I make on my own. All designs and ideas are made by me and come straight from my journal of ideas!

A: But how did you manage it to go international….cause you‘re living in a quite small town, right?

K: “Yes, I’m from a very small town in Ohio and still live there currently. But I knew a big chunk of my audience was from many different countries around the world, so I knew I wanted to be able to reach every single one of them! Being able to ship to every part of the world was something I worked really hard on to get and making it free for everyone just made it that much more special to me. I know shipping costs can be crazy and often turn people away when wanting to buy something, so I left that end up to me and the shopping up to you guys!” How can you not love her?!

A: What are your parents thinking of you running your own business?


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K: “My parents have always been the most supportive of my brother and I in everything we had ever wanted to do. When I had told them the idea I had almost a year ago about wanting to start my own Business – while I was still in School – I don’t think they took me completely serious, just like everyone else. Then, when I started showing them mockups of the things I was designing and asking for a little help with numbers and the more business side, I think they started to see it all coming together. I mean, they let my brother tour the world with 3 other crazy teenage Boys! They knew they’d have to support my dreams as well, which is exactly what they did.”

A: Have you had any help?


K: “I wish I could say that I did all of this completely on my own. However, I wouldn’t even had known where to start if it wasn’t for my best friend, Paolo, who saw my potential and drive and began to start the process with me. Together we started designing a website, coming up with a name, designing the clothes and the idea behind the entire site, and eventually made it to where we are today. He still helps me today with some of the business side and brainstorming on how to make it better everyday and I am so grateful for his help and support!”

A: “In which way had social media made the whole project easier? How important was Instagram?”


K: “I knew that advertising and marketing was the only way people would know about my journey through the business industry and thankfully with the help of my brother, I learned more about the business side of social media. I used Instagram as my main and pretty much only source of advertising. Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform and I try to be very consistent with my posting. I love to make fun videos of my travels and different adventures I go on, so I put a twist on those videos and made ads or “commercials” for my brand. I also post pictures and instagram stories in those clothes to promote, as well as post other peoples pictures they send me in the clothes in order to promote!”


A: What are your plans for the future?

K: “I haven’t really thought much about my future plans and where I intend to go. You could describe me as a “go with the flow” type person and I’m excited to see just what my future has to hold. I know that I am destined for so much more and I am ready to work very hard to get there. Currently, I am in college to get my degree in Small Business Management, cause I wanted to get a business degree and finish school to have some credentials behind me when wanting to take my work and business to a larger level. However, I would love to grow more on social media and throughout my brand and have that be my full time job while I am still young!”

A: Any suggestions for people who also want to start their own company?


K: “Just go for it! Take time to plan a lot and don’t rush things. Plan and plan and plan until you have everything down and the best of your ability, don’t waste your time just half doing things. But first and foremost, find your passion and go after it. Don’t let your days go to waste, find what makes you happy and start doing more of that everyday!” WOW.

Kacey also runs a blog, where she’s Weekly Posting About her travels, her experiences  and life updates. Sooo.. Go and check it out HERE.



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