How tough is the Infleuncer Job really?

The German Youtuber Kelly MissesVlog breaks down in her newest Video because she is working 8 hours non-stop per day on producing Videos for her Channel. Also Youtuber from Switzerland moan about overworking. But, what is really true? Is this whole I-can’t-do-it-anymore-drama just a PR-gag or is it a serious cry for help?

Kelly has 2 Million YouTube-Followers. During her latest Video she filmed her breakdown. The reason: She was working from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for 4 days…without any break. The icing on the cake was that she lost her Memory Card after 4 days of filming. In the end: 4 hard working days were nearly for Nothing. That was simply too much for the YouTube star and it was the reason for filming her break-down Video!

In the comments below her Video, one can read quotes like:

“Absolutely disrespectful to all who work hard”
“Come on, quit your YouTube Job and search for a proper Job! You should be ashamed!”

The swiss Influencer Sylwina (28) fully understands Kelly. She works up to 12 Hours daily and she cleary says that it isn’t good for ones Health. “I have very little free time. The work of a self-employed is linked to existential fears and customer pressure, which can lead to tremendous stress.”  She is never really offline and is Always on Pins and needles. “In addition to my work as an influencer, I also had other jobs. Everything together was just too much for me, so I needed help and advice from a coach to deal with it!”

Photographer and Influencer Andrea Monica Hug experienced the same: “You really have to schedule time for relexation! Otherwise, you’re going crazy… no matter what Job you’re doing!” She says that the Problem of being an Influencer is that you Always have to be present, good-humored, and active. This Ends in Little privacy and Little timeout.

Fashion-Bloggerin Ramona Bonbizin adds: “I’m sure I am working six hours per post. Especially answering messages and comments is often underestimated. When she has a lot of Jobs at the same time, it also comes to 14-hour days: “I tend to work too much, but gladly. On social media there is a competition among most influencers: everyone wants to be better than the other. »

“When you’re inactive, you become stale!”

…The reason for most of the Influencer-Break-Downs!

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