Ice cream man, who dislikes influencers, is back with a message for TV personality!

He’s back! Back in July, the owner of ice cream van CVT Soft Serve, went viral for announcing that he’d charge influencers double if they wanted free ice cream. Fast forward today, Joe Nicchi has returned with a similar clap back for a certain famous celebrity. He posted screenshots of his chat with them and they’re simply hilarious.


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Mr ‘No Nonsense’ did it once, and has done it again!

Joe Nicchi was the man of the hour for a hot minute when he made that declaration in July.

Having received unending requests from social media influencers for free ice cream, CVT Soft Serve took a stance to rather double their prices to them. And they hilariously made a signage that read, “Influencers pay Double.”

“We truly don’t care if you’re an Influencer, or how many followers you have, we will never give you a free ice cream in exchange for a post on your social media page,” Nicchi explained.


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And today, the ice cream man is back again with even more controversy

In a post that shows a censored email exchange between him and possibly a celebrity’s manager, Joe savagely shuts down their request for free services.


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I wonder if “solicit small businesses to work for free” was in her job description. #SoGross

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‘I wonder if “solicit small businesses to work for free” was in her job description. #SoGross,’ he captioned.

“I work for (censored),” the sender wrote.

“Are you available on (November 9th) for her birthday party? Would love to jump on a call to discuss comp for a social trade.”

According to Yahoo News, “‘Comp for a social’ refers to the common practice of providing a complimentary service, like ice cream, in exchange for promotion on a high profile celebrity’s social media”.

To this, the ice cream man snapped with a dramatic no!

“I’m not much of a gambler but I’m willing to bet that she can afford our catering rates given that she has a ‘social media coordinator’ on her payroll,” he began.

“We support our family of four children on U.S. currency, not celebrity social media posts,” Joe continued.

“I have zero interest in ‘jumping on a call with you’ as I have to pay customers to attend to…F**k off, Joe”


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Thanks for the pic @lucygoyare … #WeLoveMostOfOurCustomers

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The comments are equally hilarious

Since the last time, CVT Soft Serve has amassed an impressive 20.4K followers. And most of these followers agree with the ice cream van’s ‘rough tactics’.

Within the 600+ comments the post attracted, many praised Joe Nicchi for telling off the so-called celebrity.

“This made my day! 😁,” one follower wrote. “Love it! In true Joe style. Thank you for keeping it real,” another wrote.

“I love you!!!!! 😂😂😂 Only in L.A. do people continue to ask for free sh*t while promulgating their social supremacy! I don’t care who you are but I don’t have any respect for people who continue this bullshit!”

“You are every small business owners hero!!!!! Will support you for life!!”

“I seriously applaud you! 👏🏼Very excited to try some of your soft serve and support you!”

“In her defense. I’m sure she was conned into doing her job for free as well,” someone joked about the sender.

Meanwhile others tried to get Joe to name-shame the celebrity.

“Give us names! It’s not tacky to post a private correspondence if the inquiry is dumb as heck,” a user demanded.

However it looks like none of that is happening.

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